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I've had this idea constantly in the back of my head ever since I saw the animated trailer for Black and White 2, but I didn't know how to write it. But, I just wrote it and here's the product! So, this is basically the gist of the story, it follows the storyline of Black and White 2, but it adds Shadow Pokemon into the mix! Anyway, without further ado, here is the prologue!

The Battle of Light and Dark

Two people, one boy and one man, were walking up the stairs of a large, ruined tower. The man had long lime green hair under a black and grey cap, and his eyes were a piercing steel grey. He had a long necklace with a clay model of Saturn over a white t-shirt, and his pants were a pair of brown loose-fitting jeans. And finally, his shoes were green. The boy had a red cap with a black pokeball design on it over chocolate brown hair and his eyes were a warming chestnut. He was wearing a blue jacket over a black t-shirt with a black backpack. His pants were a pair of black baggy slacks, and his shoes were red slip-ons. Each of them had a belt with a Pokeball on it.

They both had grim expressions on their faces, knowing the severity of what they came here to do.

“You’re sure about this, N?” the boy asked.

“Yes, Hilbert. We have to get to it before someone else does.” the man, N, said.

A few moments later, they found themselves at the top of the tower. It was a large, spacious room with stained glass windows. On the end was a black and white metal chest.

N and Hilbert unclipped their Pokeballs and tossed them up into the air.

“Go! Reshiram!” Hilbert called out.

“Come on out, Zekrom!” N yelled.

In a flash of light, two dragon-like Pokemon, one white and one black, appeared. The white one looked slightly feminine with a large, heat-radiating tail, and the black one had a tail that radiated electricity.

“Reshiram, Fusion Flare!” Hilbert ordered the white dragon.

“Zekrom, Fusion Bolt!” N told the black dragon.

Both roared and let out a huge amount of electricity and fire from their mouths, aimed at the white and black chest. Surprisingly, it didn’t destroy the chest. Instead, when the flames and electricity subsided, it opened to reveal a whistle with a yin-yang symbol on it.

“There it is.” N stated.

“Yeah. The Dragon Whistle.” Hilbert said.

Hilbert and N walked to take the whistle. However, when they got near it, it vanished!

“What?!” Hilbert yelled.

Suddenly, three men appeared near a stained glass window. Each had long white hair and soulless silver eyes. They all had on a grey and black piece of cloth that covered their mouths, a black skin-tight shirt, a pair of baggy grey pants, and black leather boots. The one in the front was holding the Dragon Whistle! They had accomplished in what they were sent her to do, but they still kept their stoic expression.

“The Shadow Triad?! What are you doing here?!” N exclaimed.

“We are here to retrieve the Dragon Whistle for Ghetis of Team Plasma.” one of them said monotonously.

“But, there’s no shame in using it now.” another said in the exact same tone.

Before any of them could react, the one holding the Dragon Whistle blew into it. Almost immediately, Reshiram and Zekrom got a glazed look in their eyes.

“Now that your only Pokemon are under our control, you will come with us.” the third of the Shadow Triad said, still in the stoic voice that they all use.

“Why? Wouldn’t you be much better to us dead?” Hilbert said.

“Lord Ghetis has...other plans for you.”
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