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Chapter 1: The Start of a Journey

Two boys were running through a stone brick city street with trees and flowers planted here and there. One was a boy with messy auburn hair in a red visor and terra-cotta colored eyes. He had on a cerulean jacket, a pair of silver shorts, and red sneakers. The other had a poofy, spiky, indigo colored hair with steel blue eyes. He was wearing a red and white shirt with indigo pants and black sneakers. Both had white satchels slung over their

“Come on Touya, we have to get our Pokemon!” the indigo-haired boy said.

“I’m coming, Hiroshi!” the chestnut-haired boy said.

They made it to the docks of a lake, and the mountains behind it were covered in ice.

Touya stopped for a moment to look at the ice-covered peaks. He sighed.

“Looks like the ice is still spreading.” he said.

It was all over the news. Ice was spreading all over Unova, and only two-thirds of it remained untouched by it. But, the cold was all over the region, so everyone was bundling up. Nobody knew why ice was spreading all over Unova, though.

“Hey, Touya! Come on!” Hiroshi called to his friend, waving at him from a nearby dock.

“Oh, coming!” Touya hollered back.

Touya ran next to his friend and asked him, “So, when is Professor Juniper supposed to get here?”

“She said around three o’ clock.” Hiroshi answered.

At that moment, the town’s clock tower struck the hour of three.

“So, she should be here any minute now.” he continued.

They heard a whistle coming from the lake and a steamboat came rolling along. When it stopped right in front of the two boys, the doors opened and a girl came out, but she almost tripped on the way out and nearly dropped the capsule she was holding. She had a green beret with a white bow on top of her blonde-haired head, and her eyes shone a bright green behind her orange-tinted glasses. She wore a white blouse under her orange snow jacket, her snow pants were colored like an emerald, and her shoes were orange sneakers.

“Thanks for the ride, Captain.” the girl yelled as the boat started to crawl away.

She turned to the two boys and asked, “You’re Touya and Hiroshi, right?”

“That’s us.” Hiroshi said proudly.

“Where’s the Professor?” Touya asked.

“I’m afraid she couldn’t come, what with the ice and all that.” Bianca said sadly, "She's trying to figure out what caused it."

However, she instantly changed her attitude and smiled, “So I’m here! I’m Bianca, an assistant to Professor Juniper!”

“So, are those...” Touya said.

“Yep! The Pokemon who will become your partners are right in here!” Bianca pressed a button on the capsule and it opened to reveal three Pokeballs.

Touya and Hiroshi were literally shivering with excitement.

This one has Tepig, a Fire Type,” Bianca pointed to the middle Pokeball, “This one has Oshawott, a Water Type,” she pointed to the one on the left, “And this last one has Snivy, a Grass Type.” the assistant pointed at the one on the right.

She grabbed the three Pokeballs (although she nearly dropped one) and tossed them up in the air, “Come on out, everyone!”
In three flashes of light, three Pokemon appeared. One was a green, bipedal, gecko-like Pokemon with three leaves on the end of its tail. Another was a orange and black furred pig with a red sphere on the end of its curly tail. And the last one was a blue-furred, Sea Otter-like Pokemon with a shell on its chest. They all blinked cutely at the boys.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve decided on Oshawott.” Hiroshi said.

“I was originally thinking about Snivy, but now that I’ve seen them, I’m gonna have to choose Tepig.” Touya said.

The blue otter and the orange pig cried out in joy while the green gecko looked down in depression.
“Aw, it’s okay, Snivy. There are other trainers out there.” Bianca kneeled down and said to the gecko.

“Go, Snag Ball!” a voice called out.

A Pokeball was tossed at Snivy and it was enveloped in a red light and vanished into the ball. The trio stared at the ball in shock as it shook for a while before clicking.

"Capture complete." the same voice stated.

Bianca, Touya, and Hiroshi whirled in the direction of the voice. The speaker was a man with poofy green hair and earthen brown eyes. His clothes consisted of a metallic green jumpsuit and silver boots. On his arm was an orange and blue machine that covered his entire arm. He was grinning maniacally.

"Wait a minute...That's a Snag Machine?!" Hiroshi exclaimed.

"What's a Snag Machine?" Touya said stupidly.

"It was used by the heroes of Orre to stop an evil organization called Cipher, who were making Shadow Pokemon." Bianca explained, "It can make regular Pokeballs into Snag Balls, Pokeballs that can capture another trainer's Pokemon."

"Then what is it doing in his hands?" Touya wondered.

"I have been granted the Snag Machine to capture the three starters." the man finally spoke.

Acting quick, Touya and Hiroshi grabbed their Pokeballs and returned Oshawott and Tepig to their Pokeballs. The man cursed.

"You may have been able to get your Pokemon for now, but this isn't over. You'll see." the man said.

At that moment, the three men who had kidnapped N and Hilbert appeared and swiped Snivy's new Pokeball and grabbed the man.

"Cya later, kids!" the man said.

"Get back here!" Touya yelled as he started to run at them.

But, it was too late, as the Shadow Triad warped away with the strange man. However, the Snag Machine didn’t vanish along with them, as it clattered to the ground.

A few moments of silence later, Bianca said, “Well, at the very least, I’ll be telling Professor Juniper about this.”

“But why wouldn’t the Snag Machine teleport with them?” Hiroshi wondered aloud.

“Well, maybe since it’s such a complicated piece of machinery, it couldn’t be teleported.” Bianca suggested.

“Well, I know what I’m going to do.” Touya said.

He picked up the Snag Machine and put it on his arm.

“I’m going to snag back Snivy.” he proclaimed.

“And how do you plan to do that?” Hiroshi asked, completely ruining Touya’s moment.


“You know...” Bianca said, making both boys’ heads turn towards her, “Maybe you should take the Pokemon League challenge. It’s a great way to get more powerful and maybe you’ll encounter where they’re keeping Snivy.”

“Well, we can always hope.” Touya said.

“All right! Let’s see here...” Bianca opened a map she had in her purse, “It looks like the closest gym is in Garnet
City, and the Gym Leader, Cheren, uses Normal Types.”

“Okay, to Garnet City!” Touya proclaimed.

And so they began their journey. Little did they realize-

“WAIT!” Bianca called to the two boys.

Touya and Hiroshi turned around to see Bianca run up to them.

“I forgot to give you your Pokedexes, Badge Cases, and first five Pokeballs.” Bianca said as she handed the items to the boys.

Ahem...As I was saying...Little did they realize that their journey would be told for ages to come.
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