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Kilik Chambers - Power Plant

At the same time as Pierce faints, so does Yuki. At least there's a bright side for Kilik. That leaves 3-on-3 for each side now, what would Ruby's next Pokemon be? She returns Yuki & sends out an Eevee. "Kaede! it's your turn!" That was his name. So she's already using her Eevee that Yuki was a while ago. If that's her style of battling, Kilik could learn a little more from her.

Kaede Vs. Yaibe. Ruby made the first move & Kaede charged at Yaibe with his teeth, ready to use Bite it seems. Kilik just smirked. "Faint Attack." Yaibe easily swifted around Kaede, dodging her Bite, & from behind slammed into him.

So far Kilik could see this was not Ruby's full strength. She's obviously holding back. But little did she know who Yaibe really was. This battle was already feeling sneaky-like, Kilik was ready for anything.

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