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Originally Posted by 徳清アキオ View Post

Wow. I mean, that's pretty damn rude, you know? The least you could do is re-word it, or, I don't know, give it a chance? Trust me, from how much Jaffersin and I have been chatting, he knows his stuff, and so do I, to an extent. I think we have something great in the works. We have a full plot (believe it or not, Team Fortress DOES have a story) and we will follow the main plot of the canon. However, we've made it much more intricate, given legitimate reasons for death and respawn, and given actual purposes to the gametypes, such as payload, attack/defense, and capture the intel.

Most people wouldn't be so ignorant to knock something before they have the first clue about it.

Read above.
I don't doubt that you have a reason for everything and a storyline, neither do I doubt Jaffersin's knowledge of Team Fortress 2 either. However like DeepImpact and XLegion, I believe TF2 is a really good game, and some things just shouldn't be made into a Roleplay because then it ends up 'butchering' the idea/vision of the game.

Again, I'm not really a fan of game-based Roleplays, so my idea is slightly skewed and biased, but there are some games like TF2, that I believe should not be made into RPs.

Also, if your asking for comments, be prepared for both positive and negative comments, not everyone is going to respond: "OMFG dis is sum c00l stuffs!!!11!!!1!!11!!!!"