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Lucy - Wrecked Building
Lucy sighed and turned her attention back to the ... strangely small girl that had just brought down a building and was apparently impressed with /her/! Lucy honestly didn't get the appeal. She considered herself quite lazy, what with her tendency to chillax and just consume whatever happened to be easy and in the immediate area. The more she thought about it though the more she realized that this girl reminded her of a younger child. She'd never seen a spirit wielder that young, but then again what did she know about anything. With the death of society had come the death of a great deal of technology and thus the degeneration of communication. Being an expert on something was incredibly difficult these days, as it was hard enough just to survive, let alone find the time to learn and specialize in something. They said there was a large market for builders though. It probably had something to do with the poor state of your average house these days. Then again, there was also a market for child slaves, and not even just for adults either. There were some pretty cruel children out there. The underground was a haven for such types, being the lawless place that it was. If there was any place in Sinnoh that unnerved her the most it was easily the underground. You didn't chill in the underground unless you wanted to be bothered. If you wanted to be left alone you kept moving and kept your head down. Abruptly Amethyst spouted off something about being a hundred years old and Lucy just sort of gave her this look of mild skepticism.

"...I-uh... you're welcome. How--"

Lucy abruptly burped. ...Apparently manners hadn't particularly survived the decline of humanity either. This only barely seemed to even frustrate her, and she recovered after a moment.

"Euh... Let's get out of this rubble pile. How old did you say you were..?"

Once again she sounded a bit skeptical. You didn't live to be a hundred in this era. Try half that if you were real lucky. Most people had difficulty making it to their 40s without being killed by something. Lucy made a point to begin traversing the rubble at a somewhat casual pace, only stopping after a moment or two to look back at the other as if to make sure she was following. Lucy honestly didn't seem upset about the whole getting decked and buried in rubble thing for whatever reason.
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