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Im used to finding shiny Pokemon because it will take up the time and it makes more sense to find one randomly in nature than use somthing to find it. if im correct i never really actually used RNG but im pretty surtain its a man made item. if im not correct you could take this down but i have more fun training in wild grass then POP Twinkle Twinkle i found a shiny pokemon. The first shiny pokemon i caught was a shiny raticate. Altho it was usless to me at the time i learn that its good pokemon. In pokemon Crystal i was walking in the grass by newbark town to catch a sentret because i havent caught one for the pokedex and then a shiny entei with a blue colored star mouth...thing i dont know what part that is on a Entei but i knew it was shiny because of the twinkling that occured as soon as i encountered it. Altho i would have caught it if i tried i did not have scary face or any other moves that would help me. i threw a heavy ball and it shook 2 times and got loose on the 2nd one. my heart stoped when i thought i was about to catch it and i screamed at the top of my lungs at my unsuccesful capture.

I like the old style shiny capture better.

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