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Originally Posted by ~Pokemoll~ View Post
Thanks for the welcome~ And yeah, I love Psyduck. He derps so much it's adorable. <3

What Misty shipping do you like most?
Pokeshipping all the way. It's not only my Pokemon OTP, but it's also (in my opinion) the one that makes the most sense and definatly the cutest~
Your welcome! Thank you for answering the question. Pokeshipping is one of my favorite shippings. Now, I multiship Misty a lot even nervermets.It made me a little nostalgic when I remember the hints backXD Psyduck makes a nice pokemon and if its serious enough in battles, Psyduck is pretty much a strong pokemon. I once wish it could evolved into a GolduckXD

I haven't drawn a Misty fanart lately, and I guess I couldn't scan my drawings anymore but I do made my last drawing before the scanner is gone.XD

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