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I was suppose to post this on my birthday tomorrow but I changed my mind. Enjoy

Chapter 8 – Ninja Mode

Outskirts of "The Village" Border Line of Fenton and Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 2039 Hours.

Pidgeot soared above the tops of the trees. Mawile was on his back and was getting ready to mobilize, adjusting her gear and weapons.

"Thanks for the ride, Pidgeot," smiled Mawile, tapping Pidgeots red and yellow long flowing feathered head. She knew it could be the last time she saw him.

"No problem, just get back home in one piece. Or Garchomp will get upset again," he smiled back.

"What?" asked Mawile, confused by what Pidgeot had just said. She left the jumping position and stared at the back of Pidgeot's head.

"I mean…ummm…Frosty! I've got to go now… Good luck!" quickly said Pidgeot, bouncing his long, strong body. Throwing Mawile off balance, making her fall off. As she was consumed by the forest, Pidgeot quickly soared into the sky and began flying back home.

In the forest, Mawile was able to land on a stiff branch with ease. Cursing Pidgeot. She then began scanning her surroundings and the forest's mud and leaf covered ground. She decided to move out, jumping from branch to branch, and swinging from one vine to another; until she reached the end of the forest. With the village in her sight a few miles away. The only thing between her and the village was a one mile stretch of field and a few hundred enemy troops.

Just as she was about to jump off her branch, a sonic boom was heard across the area. Mawile watched as numerous allied frigates warped in and began their attack on the enemy forces, both on land and in air. Then countless helicopters and drop ships descended to the surface, dropping their loads. Which consisted of troops and vehicles alike.

Mawile jumped out of the trees and ran up towards the frontline of the allied forces.

"Who is your commanding officer!" she yelled at the troops.

A man stepped forward out of the crowd. He was wearing basic chainmail armor, and a blue silk over-shirt with a white skull pierced by a gold arrow embedded on the chest. He was holding a round, wooden looking, shield in one hand; and a very long, tall halberd spear in the other. His name was, Captain Clint Grace.

"I am," he said in a deep, commanding voice, "state your business here, Argo."

"I am on a one man rescue. My objective is to rescue that whole village," she pointed at the flaming village.

She was struck by a wave of doubt, for that one moment, as the meaning of the flames that engulfed the village hit her. Her stomach began to feel sick. But she was able to hide it from the troops in front of her.

Clint read right through it though, and knew what she was going through. He walked up beside her, "You see, Argo, you've already failed your objective. They're all dead. It's war. sh*t happens. You must learn to accept that."

"My objective is not over. Not until I see the bodies of the villagers stacked up in a pile of rotting, burning corpses. Then I'll say if I failed or not," she growled, obviously quite pissed off. Poking at the Captain's chest.

"Okay, whatever you say," he replied, putting his hands up. "You're the commanding officer now. What are your orders?" he asked.

"Follow your previous orders. And Captain, you're still in command of these troops. I just need a squad under my command."

Clint nods, and looked into the crowd of troops, "Sergeant Danny! Front and center!" he yelled. A chubby looking man with heavy facial hair, also in chain armor and earth army uniform, came up with three other men behind him.

"You're to take orders from her now," Flint ordered, before leaving the group to rejoin with his main force. Beginning a charge on the enemy forces, merging on the opposite side of the field.

As the forces of earth began to charge, Mawile walked away "Try and keep up boys," she yelled, running for the forest again. The four other soldiers followed suit, entering the dark forest behind her.

Back in the forest

Night fell upon Fenton. The air was cold and the skies were clear. The peace ruined by the occasional explosion, made by ships and star fighters from ongoing battle raging above. The sounds of steel clashing, boulders landing, and men dying from the war that had broken out all over Fenton echoed through the forest. It wasn't really a pleasant night at all.

The group was walking through the dark, almost pitched black, forest. With flashes of light from the explosions frequently lighting up the darkness for seconds at a time.

"Argo, what is the plan?" asked one of the soldiers. His name was Private Ben.

"My operation was originally a solo Ninja mission. But more sh*t hit the fan. So, I had to improvise, and ended up bring you four along." She looked back and smiled at the group. Then looked back to where she was going. "Since your buddies ruined my plan, we'll have to go around. So, while Captain Flint and his forces attack from the front, we'll slip in from behind," she continued.

"That's what she said," laughed Private Endrix, breaking the awkward/serious mood with humor.

"I was about to say that," giggled Mawile, smiling at the Private. She liked him already.

A split second later, her sense went off like an alarm, right before she heard footsteps. She put her fist up, signaling the group to halt. Then signaled for them to hide.

"Let me handle this," whispered Mawile, jumping up into the trees, as the others hid behind other trees and bushes.

As she sat on top of a stiff branch, a light went on, revealing five troops with a big capital R on their chest. Slowly walking into the forest from the outskirts a few feet away. They were walking a slow pace, in a spread out, straight line formation.

"Hmmm…a five men patrol. I can take them," she muttered to herself. As she was about to jump, the group stopped, and the radio began picking up other transmissions.

"We have encountered several enemy defenses in sector five-o-four and sector six-o-three. Requesting a boulder-bombing run," said the leader from another squad of troops.

"Roger that Gamma Battalion. Boulder-bombing planes rolling in on the coordinates in three…two…one…" replied another voice, supposedly their HQ.

A brief explosion goes off in the background, then all the sound disappeared with the sound of the next voice "Enemy defenses hit and neutralized, proceeding into the city."

"Roger that Gamma Battalion."

"Damn, those cloners are better than us regulars, don't you agree Captain?" asked one of the grunts, drinking from a canteen of water.

"Yeah, it would have taken us a few hours to take out an enemy defensive position," said one the grunts. All of a sudden, he let out a scream and fell to the ground. A kunai sticking out of his neck.

The other four saw him drop, and immediately went into defensive positions. "What the f*ck! Ahhh!" yelled another grunt, Getting dragged into a bush by something unknown, his fate concluded by stabbing sounds.

The remaining three got into a survival circle and began slowly rotating.

"What was that?" quietly said the lead grunt.

The sound of a snapping sticks was heard somewhere near. Spooking one the grunts, who then broke rank and began to run.

"We have to get the fuuu! Aahhhhhh!" As the two watched him run. The grunt first dropped to his knees then his head rolled off his shoulders and he dropped dead to the ground.

"Fall back! Fall back!" yelled the leading grunt, also running for the outskirts. A chain fell down from the trees and spun around his neck, lifting him off the ground into the trees above "Akkhh!" he screamed.

The last remaining grunt began to cry, shaking in his boots, "sh*t! sh*t! Sh-…." he cried, until Mawile finally jumpped on to the grunt's back, forcing him down to the ground. She killed him quickly with a kunai in the back of the grunts neck, twisting it hard, before pulling it out.

"God damn! You're all so damn loud when you die. What are you trying to yell out? Reinforcements?" she asked the dead corpse. There was a crackle of sound. And she looked over at a thick, black, plastic cable connected to a box with a microphone and stereo on the top of it.

"What was that patrol fifty-five? You need reinforcements...Armored patrol six, reinforce patrol team fifty-five," it said.

"Yes sir," it continued.

As Mawile sat there, looking at the radio, dumbfounded by what just happened. The sounds of scratching, moving metal, and vibrations could be heard throughout the area, and it got stronger at the outskirts.

"Rule one hundred forty-six. Take out the radio before taking out the enemy…" sighed Mawile, smacking her face with palm of her hand.

Then two tubes appeared on the horizon of the small hill. And the sounds got even louder. The tubes revealed themselves as tanks as they cleared the horizon. Then as the tanks evened out, their search lights turned on and shined directly on Mawile.

"Crap!" she yelled, on the brink of running, when the tanks fired several rounds of rocks at her. The rocks land directly in front of her, blasting her several feet backwards. But she simply rolled into running form. The tanks began pursuit and continued to fire rounds of rocks at the fleeing Argo.

"Son of a b*tch! Rule one hundred forty-five, there's always tanks near patrols!" she yelled to herself, dodging and weaving around the rock rounds landing around her.

As she was close to the rest of the group she sensed two rocks hurdling toward the group, and deflected them with her three foot kunai, continuing to run.

The rest were waiting, being patient and curious as to the source of the noise in the forest.

"What's going on over there?" asked Vinny, the name of the last soldier in the group.

"Go find out for yourself," replied Ben, uninterested in the idea, but getting ready for anything.

"Can you two shut it!" quietly snapped Danny, but still loud enough that it could be heard to all three.

"I'll go," grumbled Endrix, walking up towards the opening. But as soon he was able to reach it, Mawile quickly ran pass the group in a blink of an eye. "Run! You fools!" she yelled back, not even stopping for the group.

As soon she passed the group, a boulder landed between them, flinging dirt into air. Making the rest run away as well. Soon after, the two tanks smashed through the bushes and plants, making the group run ever faster.

Mawile was on the edge of the forest, with the village in her sight. But she skidded to a stop, and began running in the opposite direction. She spotted the rest of her group still running towards the village and away from the tanks, but didn't stop for them again, "Sergeant Danny, get your team to the village, I'll meet you there!" she yelled quickly, waving at the group, with a smile on her face. In return, the group nodded and proceeded to the village.

Mawile was running towards the tanks, before quickly jumping on top of a tree, hiding in a hole large enough that she could fit easily, and then pressed her radio ear piece.

"Loyal Team come in…Frosty! Babe, please answer me. PLEASE!" she yelled, in the most vigorous tone she could muster. She was breathing heavily, taking this time to catch her breath and a tiny bit of rest.

A few seconds later, a childlike voice erupted from the ear piece, making her flinch. Her heart rate was racing, the blood was circulating throughout her body fast, and her adrenaline was high.

"Sorry! Me, as in Ditto, is here using some polar bears communicator due to an over dose of alcohol, leave a message after this rap…Gotta taste it and I gotta grab it. And I gotta cut all through this traffic. Just to be at the top of the throne. Better know I gotta have it! Uhh eat it son!"

"Ditto!" groaned Mawile, "What the heck! Why do you have Frosty's communicator?"she asked, in complete and utter surprise/confusion. Before she let a small smile grace her lips.

"Yo Ditto, chill bro. And give me that…Ello?" quickly said Frosty.

"Frosty! It's Mawile!" she said with a tint of joy in her voice.

"Oh hey babe, how's the rescue going? You still chilling and killing?" asked Frosty, sounding about as relaxed as he always did.

"I was doing that a few seconds ago, but now I need help taking out two tanks. You're a defensive type dude. What are the weak points of a…" she peeked of her hole and looked down at the tanks. They were fairly small, with red and black stripes covering the entire vehicle. She withdrew back into the hole "Libra Tiger Tank," she finally finished.

"Wait…I thought in Ninja Mode you weren't allowed to have radio contact with anybody? And two how in the hell did you get tanks on your *ss in the first place?"

"I know…but this is life and death right now…and I took out a whole patrol…before I was able to destroy their radio..." she slowly said, realizing how stupid she must sound. Making a rookie-like mistake.

"Wow you fail as a ninja…" deadpanned Frosty, having small chuckle.

"You know what? Balls to you as well! Okay, I forgot the rules! Now tell me the weak points are!" she smiled a dangerous smile, getting slightly irritated.

"Okay! Okay! Chill women. Getting needy there, are we? Alright, but I'm not a vehicle type of dude, remember?" laughed Frosty. With scratching sounds erupts from the audio.

"Oh no. I forgot who was the vehicle expert," groaned Mawile, Her smile frozen to her face.

"Peek-a-boo!" giggled a new voice from her radio.

"Hi Pinsir... Can you please tell me how to destroy a Libra Tiger Tank, fairly easily?"

"Ummm with another Tank?..."

"Come on Pinsir! I might die here! Give me a real answer!"

"Ahhh! You sound like my vacuum sucking in more than one penny."


"Okay, okay! You need another male tiger to kill the other alpha male tiger."

"Not the literal animal kingdom!" she screamed, and then quickly covered her own mouth.

Pinsir began to fake cry, and gave the communicator back to Frosty. "Hey sweetie…just use the other tank. Okay?" sweet talking Mawile, trying to calm her down.

"You're hopeless as well!" she yelled, putting a smile back on her face because of Frosty. "How am I supposed to do that?"

"I don't know… you're the ninja. Do what you do best. Ninja their asses," a pause entered between the two "I'll make rice balls and chocolate cake when you come back."

Mawile didn't say anything, but smiled at the thought, "Frozen rice balls…" she quietly said.

"There's the ninja I know! Have fun, and don't stop being you, okay? Love you, bye," he continued to sweet talk.

Mawile snaps out of the mini trance and went back to reality, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love you to. Bye!" she huffed, but her smile was bigger than usual.

She stepped out of her hole again and stood right on the edge of the branch. She was directly over one of the tanks. She took a deep breath, and leaned forward. She fell gracefully, doing a single front flip and landing on top the tank. She knocked on the door and the canopy opened. She smiled at the grunt who was sitting in the commanding seat.

"Oh sh*t!" yelled the grunt, attempting to grab his sword

"Oh sh*t indeed," laughed Mawile, jumping into the cockpit. Quickly, she slit the first grunts neck. She then took out two shurikens and threw them at the remaining two grunts. Killing them both. She turned to the main cannon. Mawile looked around and quickly found a round for the cannon, she stuffed it into the barrel. There was a small string connected to the rock. She found a lighter and lit the string, quickly closing the loading door after. Then directed the barrel at the last remaining tank and pulls the trigger string.

The powerful weapon launched the rock into the other tank, ripping through the armor. Killing the last remaining grunts.

Mawile began to laugh, and clapped her hands to herself. Huffing in exhaustion, she slowly began to relax a bit. "I'm awesome, thanks Frosty…" she smiled. But it quickly died again as she remembered about the village. Mawile exited the tank as fast as possible and ran towards the village as fast as she could.

In the village…

Mawile finally reached the outskirt of the village, and it was riddled with rocket and galactic, cloned, grunt corpses. She became curious, and walked deeper into the village, walking pass the gates and the market place, until she arrived in the village square. Where the other four were taking on, and killing, hordes of enemy troops with ease.

She walked up towards the four with her hands folded behind her back, giving them a friendly smile, "is there something you four are not telling me?" she asked

The four were double taking at each other until Danny broke the silence, "Long story!" he laughed, kicking a door open, "We've checked all the houses, this is the last one," he continued.

"Okay!" she happily replied, walking in with her kunai drawn, Danny and Endrix behind her, while the rest took guard duty in the front.

The building was empty. Dark and spooky. Mawile kneeled on one knee to touch the ground. She sniffed the air, and laid her ear on the floor. Trying to find signs of life, "They're downstairs, I can sense them."

"Villagers! Come out! I am an Argonaut, I'm here to rescue you!" she yelled. Her voice echoed throughout the building, but nothing responded. Until one hidden door, under the bed, opened. And the same villager who attacked Poliwrath and his team earlier, rose out of the floor.

He then ran up to Mawile and hugged her, crying heavily, "Thank you Argo…we thought you wouldn't come back for us measly peasants," he sobbed, trying to wipe his tears off his face.

"Don't thank me," she smiled, beginning to feel tears in her eyes. "Thank these men, who they risked their lives getting here. And my Commander," she continued, walking towards the men and tapped him on the shoulder. Which made him drop to his knees.

Soon after, a violent shake was felt by everybody and a yell from Ben was heard coming from outside, "You need to see this!"

"Sir, get your villagers out and follow these men to safety," she said to the villager, then went outside. What they saw was a friendly frigate. Nearly destroyed, on fire, and falling towards the village.

"Is that our ship?" asked Vinny, in awe, with his jaw dropped.

"If it's The Wrath…then yeah, it's ours," replied Endrix.

"Sergeant…" said Mawile.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Get these people to the forest!"

"You heard the lady!" yelled Danny, directing the group as they flushed out of the building.

As Mawile was directing the group, she hears a woman cry out for aid. Mawile reentered the building as quick as she could and then went downstairs. She saw a man and his wife trying to remove a large piece of wood beaming, that had fallen off the ceiling onto their two year old son. "Get to safety, I'll handle this. GO!" she demanded, dragging the couple away from their son. The couple fled, and the shaking began to get even more violent. As she was able to lift the beam over her head, the whole place gave a violent shudder, throwing her off balance. She fell to the ground, the beam falling on top of her left hand.

The place was shaking even more violently, pieces of house were falling down on top of her and the unconscious child. All attempts to pull her hand out failed. It was crushed under the beam, probably broken beyond repair. Her mind was busy on decisions. Her life, or the child's life. She paused for a few seconds, before taking out a kunai. She took a deep breath of air, and screamed at the top of her lungs. Then began stabbing the kunai into her left hand multiple times, until she had completely severed her hand. Giving herself the freedom to move again.

Mawile kept in the blinding pain. And quickly grabbed the boy and stuck him under her arm and then dashed for the exit, climbing up out of the basement, she quickly ran out of the building into the square where she took a right turn towards the gate where Danny was waiting, signaling for her to run faster.

She then spotted the frigate hurdling toward her, mere seconds from colliding with the village. In her last heroic act, she quickly threw the boy at Danny. The boy hurled across the air. Her world was going in slow-mo, and was completely silent except for her slowing heartbeat. The sounds of twisting metal and explosion were cancelled out. Until the boy finally landed into Danny's arms. And suddenly the sound roars back in and Mawile closed her eyes, smiling. Satisfied on the success of her mission, there was a flash of pain so brief, she wasn't sure it had really happened. It suddenly went completely dark and silent.

Next…Chapter 9 - More Plot Holes
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