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Originally Posted by TheFuturePokemon View Post
Hold up i thought this gym is suppose to be in east unova?
Secondly If it's a nearby gym how come she's using pokemon not native to unova?

6 on 3? Seeems more like 6 on 6 but with Homika beating Ash with only 3 pokemon.
Even if Ash loses I'm pretty sure Ash and gang will still go to Opelucid City cause they still haven't finished the plot with Iris and Drayden and Excadril?
Ash is not going to lose the 6 vs 3 on battle with Homika, since i'm pretty sure he will get his final badge from her. I'm pretty sure they will go to Opelucid city since it is were Iris came from and her story have something to do with Drayden.

Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
First point:
You said that Ash's battle with Drayden would be boring and then you said your opinions are not facts...aren't those two statements completely contradictory... (Also more better isn't grammatically correct)

A. LIKE YOU SAID-we have no idea how a gym battle with Drayden and Ash would be? How do you know it would be boring? I think most people would prefer to see Ash VS Pikachu than Ash VS a Koffing.

I don't think people will have a problem with Pikachu VS koffing which is a lot more better then Pikachu VS Ash.

B. Have you said the BW085 mini summary yet? They make it sound like it isn't going to be even official or he's going to lose.

C. Doesn't that sort of make EVERYTHING about Iris sort of pointless? I mean they can get so much out of going to Opelucid city...
Iris story is not pointless since her goal is to become a Dragon Master not to stay at some stupid gym! They can do a whole lot more out side of Opelucid city then going there right now...

The summary Doesn't say anything about Ash losing the battle or Homika not being an official Gym leader. I do believe Homika will give Ash his final 8th Unova region badge.
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