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Continued my USC #4, Nagini the Dunsparce, in the Sinnoh region.

Update #1 on Platinum.

Rival: Malfoy (he's a blonde...)
Starter: Turtwig
  • After the beginning stuff, I hacked in an egg, which hatched into Nagini the Dunsparce! She had Bite as an egg move, and was shiny!
  • After some more plot stuff in Jubilife City, I moved on to Oreburgh City, where I challenged the gym.
  • Roark beat me once with Screech and Headbutt, but I used an X-Attack and X-Defend and Nagini beat him with Bite.
  • Continued on to Florama Town and beat up Mars in the Windworks, then went through the forest with Cheryl.
  • Gardenia wasn't too hard since Return has a lot more power now.
  • Beat up Team Plasma again and defeated Jupiter.
  • Got the Bike and went down Cycling Road to explore Wayward Cave for Earthquake.
  • Taught Earthquake to Nagini and went through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome City.
  • Fantina was no match for Nagini's Bite attack.
  • Beat Malfoy again on my way to Solaceon Town, where I got the Defog HM and climbed the Lost Tower.
  • Made our way to Veilstone City, where I got some Vitamins, then beat Maylene easily with Return and Earthquake.
  • Did some EV training, bought a Thunder TM, then moved south to Pastoria City.
  • Crasher Wake was decimated by Thunder and Return (for Quagsire).
  • Chased down the bomb-toting Grunt and beat him, then got the SecretPotion from Cynthia.
  • Healed the Psyduck, then saved on Route 210.

Team Voldy:

Nagini the Rash Dunsparce, ♀ - L50 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Return, Bite, Earthquake, Thunder

HM Slaves:

Turtwig - Rock Smash, Cut, Flash

Starly - Defog, Fly

Active Challenges:

FireRed - HeartGold - Emerald - Platinum - Black 2

Completed Ultimate Challenges (through Gen V):
Ultimate Monotype:

Ultimate Monocolor:

Fireheart: L88, L88, L71, L76, L100; Palin: L98, L92, L86, L100, L100
Excalibur: L75, L88, L87, L84, L100; Nagini: L100, L96, L100, L100, L100
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