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You have no idea how much I agree with this. I don't put sign-up forms in my clubs for that very reason - you say "hi I'm joining" and then just get on with it lol. I remember before I took the Atheist Alliance it had this long-winded sign-up form which basically made you reveal your views on everything ever - it was so annoying.

To me, the sign-up forms kind of feel like you're in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and you're like "Hi I'm Glenda and I'm an alcoholic. I have a different man from the local bar in my bed every night and I haven't seen my kids since June. At least I think they're men..." and every time I see somebody fill one out it feels like I'm being forced to chant "Hiiiiiii Glendaaaa" in dull unison with the other club members.

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