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I got into long-winded passive-aggressive arguments with the admins over the exploration change... including on their facebook page which they insisted on pushing so hard around the same time they closed all the threads on explorations so people couldn't argue back. I'm okay with decisions being made behind closed doors but if PC ever did anything controversial like that, you know all the staff would be out there explaining why and we'd have damn good reasons for it. Not "we want people to do explorations ~the way they were intended~ :) :) :)". Ugh. I was SO close to quitting the site entirely when I finally got Big Bidoof or whatever to give me a response that was acceptable enough to keep me there. (Although a week later he replied to someone else about something entirely different saying "don't let anyone tell you how to play the game, just play how you want, yep yep" and I kind of raged again because HYPOCRITE. <_<)

I mean, maybe it's not such a big deal but there is NO way I'm ever going to manage Burning Desire again and it's an achievement exploration. :/ Luckily I've always been religious about getting new special explorations out of the way and now that they're usually recycling them, I don't need to do them, but I still hate this. There is literally no benefit to the change. Even having the one extra slot in the party isn't worth it. ~_~ I hate how long explorations take me now so I just don't do them.

Also makes me wonder why they're so annoyed about people sharing exploration tasks even now. 9_9 Does it matter? It's not like we can prepare for them ahead of time anyway.