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Ryuu rammed the Earth Wall right into the god, and forced him to the side of a building. Ryuu had a smiled on his face as the wall collided with the concrete of the building, with the god right in between the two. Ryuu didn't ease off on the force, as he attempted to crush the god that lay between the rocks and the buildings. Suddenly, a fist broke through the earth wall Ryuu made, and connected right at Ryuu's face, causing the demon to be flung back right back into the street. The god broke through the rest of the earth that covered him and dusted himself off, turning his attention back at Ryuu, who lay in the middle of the street. Ryuu got up slowly, touching the area the god hit him with his hand, and then checking the hand for blood, which was present. He smiled, and faced back at the god.

"Good." he said, and made a running charge at him. The god met his charge this time, and the two collided right in the middle of the street. The two grasped each other's arms in an attempt to physically overpower the other. Surprising to Ryuu, the god was fairly physically capable, holding off Ryuu's arms with his own. The two seemed evenly matched in strength, at least until it became apparent that the god was slowly being forced toward the ground. Ryuu was still slightly stronger, at least in the physically capabilities. However, the god would have none of it. Using his foot, he positioned it behind Ryuu's back leg, and did a tripping motion to him, causing Ryuu to lose his balance, and before he could get a grip of it, the god managed to let go of Ryuu's arms, and, while Ryuu was still looking for his balance again, unleash a flurry of punches to the demon's face and chest. The motions were a blur, a set of double hits coming one after another with a momentary pause before continuing the rhythm. Each punch connected, with Ryuu unable to withstand the onslaught of the punches. Eventually, the momentum of the punches seemed to catch up with time, and forced Ryuu backward. As Ryuu attempted to gather himself, the god approached once more and unleashed an array of punches, as well as kicks now. Every blow was powerful, and fast. Ryuu couldn't dodge any. Actually, at the moment, he chose neither to dodge or block any, instead waiting for the right moment to commence his own attack. As the god went in with another combo of punch, punch, kick, Ryuu found his opening, and as the god prepared a kick on Ryuu's torso, Ryuu grabbed it. The god seemed to be surprised that Ryuu was able to pick up his leg, not to mention hang on. He tried to break free, but Ryuu would have none of it. He held on with all his might. A smile crept onto Ryuu's face once more, which was bleeding from the mouth and nose from the punches delivered by the god. Moving his head back, Ryuu positioned himself, and with as much force as he could muster, headbutted the god right into his face. Ryuu then moved his head back one more time, and repeated the motion. He leaned back once more, and did it again, and again, and again, until both he and the god’s face were red with blood. Who’s blood it was Ryuu did not know, but at this point, he didn’t care. Ryuu leaned back one last time, and nailed the god once more with a headbutt, and finally released his leg, causing him to be pushed back, holding onto his head as the blood flowed freely. Before the god could get a grip and make a counter, he noticed too late that Ryuu was making a charge at him once more, and rammed right into him, knocking him to the ground. The two struggled to get a grip on each other, with neither succeeding for the moment. Suddenly, the god loosened his hold, causing Ryuu to push forward, only to see the god counter by flinging his body onto the ground. The god then grabbed Ryuu by the neck and shirt, and tossed him into incoming traffic. Ryuu was flowing through the air, unable to control himself as his body passed right in front of an incoming car, and was hit directly by it, the driver unable to stop in time. Ryuu was hit forward, and then flipped over behind the car.

He heard a crack somewhere in his body, but there was too much adrenaline flowing through his body at the moment to determine what exactly he had broken. Trying to ignore the pain, Ryuu stood back up, only to see the god approaching again. Ryuu panted heavily as laughed, noticing his ribs seemed to hurt every time he did so. The god stopped walking towards the demon, and looked around, examining the area. He noticed a bit to the left of Ryuu, next to the sidewalk was a pond full of water. It was time to take the battle to the next step. The god moved his arms around in a fluid motion. Ryuu, not noticing the pond behind him, stared at the god in perplexity, wondering what he was doing. By the time Ryuu figured out that the water was rising behind him and turned, the god launched it right at him, pushing him back a few meters. Ryuu tried to hold his ground, even under the pressure of the attack. The god, however, didn’t give Ryuu a moment to rest as he launched another wave of water right at Ryuu’s chest. Ryuu collapsed on the ground, the pain of the attack throbbing at his chest. Ryuu decided if he was going to fight with water magic, Ryuu would use his own. The god launched another wave of water at Ryuu, but this time Ryuu prepared to counter. Using every ounce of muscle and physical strength he could, he forced the earth in front of him to right in a cluttered set of rocks barely passing for an earth wall, having not enough energy to form a full one. The water bounced off the wall at first, but eventually made its way through the cracks and rammed right at Ryuu, knocking him down. Lying on his back, he looked around to try to find an option of an attack he could use. He could see that the god was coming close, and he was running low on options. He then felt something by his hand, noticing a large chunk of rock next to it. Ryuu grasped it in his hand and rose to his feet inelegantly. The god prepared, and sent another wave of water at Ryuu, who used every bit of energy he could to move out of the way of it. For a moment, he was a blur, which surprised even the god to see Ryuu move like that. He then roared out as he tossed the large rock at the god, combining his own magic attributes with all that was left of his physical strength to increase the speed of the toss. Ryuu smiled as the rock left his hand, and sped forward to the god. The god, then, in a swift motion, caught the rock with his hand, with almost no trouble, seeing the rock cause his hand to bleed a little, and force him a meter back. Ryuu’s smile dropped.

“Well….that was a bit anti-climactic.” Ryuu said, and the god launched a wave of water from the remainder of the pond at Ryuu, who instantly dropped to the ground, plummeting face-first to the concrete, no longer moving. The god smiled, realizing his victory, and prepared to finish off the demon. He approached Ryuu, speaking to him for the first time.

“You need to learn your place…” He said coldly, flipping over Ryuu to his front side. But as he did, Ryuu launched onto him, pressing and holding him onto the ground. He then used earth magic to trap his wrists and ankles, keeping him attached to the ground. The god was so surprised by this sudden tactic that he was unable to do anything to try and stop it, and was trapped by the earth chains. Ryuu then went to the side, and grabbed hold of a car, screaming out loud as he exerted his physical strength to try and lift it up. And lift he did, bringing it over his head as he approached the god and smiled, looking down at the trapped god as a look of dread came onto his face. He struggled to break free, but to no avail, and Ryuu slammed the car right on top of him. Ryuu panted on top of the car as he noticed blood seep through the bottom of the vehicle. But Ryuu wasn’t done yet.

A few moments later, the god managed to break free of the chains and remove the car from on top of him. He looked terrible. His suit had been ruined, and his body was torn and bloody. The god was angry, but also trembling. The demon had pushed him to the edge, and he just wanted to finish him already. But as he looked around, he couldn’t see him anywhere. It appeared as if the demon was gone. But then he heard loud screaming coming from somewhere. At first, he couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but then he felt as if it was originating from above him. The god looked up, and noticed the demon Ryuu Akuma about to plummet right on top of him. Apparently, as the god struggled to get free from under the car, Ryuu had scaled the walls of the nearby building, and jumped off of it right as the god broke free from under the vehicle. And now, Ryuu was about to use all that force to crush into the god.

And he did. The impact of Ryuu with the god was more like an explosion of force than a crash. The entire ground beneath them both collapsed. Everything that was moveable within 20 meters was either broken apart or reduced to rubble. This was the effect of the second earth magic ability he learned: Aftershock. Dust and smoke piled up in the area as the effect of the blast slowly died down, until it was gone completely. As the dust cleared the air, Ryuu Akuma could be seen sitting on top of the body of what used to be the god he fought, breathing heavily. Ryuu looked around, seeing nobody within the immediate area anymore, nothing but the damage he had caused. Satisfied, he leaned back and closed his eyes, feeling he deserved this rest.

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