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I'll join. Can't say I'm a huge fan of weight exercises but I love me some calisthenics. Main thing I'll be doing here is reading what other people do but I might find myself posting a bit here and there.

Currently I'm doing the 100 pushup challenge, 200 situp challenge with decline situps, 200 squat challenge with one legged squats and 20 pullup challenge and trying to fit in some L-sits. I know that what I'm doing is not the best way to get results but the challenges are only 6 weeks long and they're fun. I'm also working on getting a handstand (as unsupported handstand pushups are a goal of mine) and doing some boxing and kicking drills (I'd hardly call it kickboxing seeing as I've never had any training in that and I do my punching and kicking separately.)

I'd be really interested in seeing how people stretch as flexibility is something I'm quite keen to work on.