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Originally Posted by Kenmoor View Post
I think the Champions/Leaders should all be at least over Lv.70 and above IF the team levels aren't modified, i.e. random Battle Tower changes to Lv.50. Maybe Red's highest Pokemon could be Lv.100? (They need to retire Red... humiliating him with every game... honestly being beaten by the new kids on the block? Tsk, tsk...) I just hope Game Freak won't mess up this Battle Tournament for us with some pre-set level stuff. Well unless that's just one mode among more modes.

It'd be fun to go against teams that "cheat"/ have these random move sets that they normally shouldn't have. Also the AI should be programmed to use moves at the RIGHT time. Too many games have been ruined for me because the random Champion used moves that weren't supposed to be used (*stares at Cynthia's Milotic for overusing Aqua Ring*) as they could have beaten me. I like winning, just don't obliterate the epicness of the match.

I wonder what sort of event they'll have for the downloading? Wi-Fi seems the most probable. I do not want to go to Toys"R"Us for this...
You probably haven't seen, but Nintendo pulled down the distribution centers in all the toys R us and Gamestops so the only way to get events is through wifi now.