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So, I wanted to play through SoulSilver again, and what better way to do so, than with a challenge? So, after some quick decisions I chose to do a solo run with Teddiursa. Aw, this cute little bear was going to bring me to victory! Mwahaha- *cough* Er...sorry. ^__^ So anywho, after some browsing on Google, I finally found a promising rom and was able to load it up on DesMuMe.

After trying to speed up the intro to the game, I finally was able to choose that I am indeed a female and name myself Amamiya (after one of my favorite anime characters!). After talking to my mother, who told me to head to the local Pokemon Lab, I left my house. I noticed a strange red-headed boy peering in to the lab's window, but I was excited about what Elm wanted and was intimidated by his demeanor, so I avoided him and entered the lab. Upon entering, Elm ushered my to the back where he offered me a chance to take one of his Pokemon if I helped him with a few errands. Ecstatic with the chance to become a trainer, I eagerly chose Totodile, knowing he would make a good HM slave. Elm told me that my mission was to head to Mr. Pokemon's house and see what he wanted delivered. And after I told my mom what I needed to do, I left town heading west.

I then came to Cherrygrove, where a kindly old man showed me around and then gave me a pair of snazzy new kicks that allowed me to run everywhere instead of the slow tedious walk. Afterwards I headed north, and then came across Mr. Pokemon's house where upon entry was introduced to him and Prof. Oak. After some lengthy discussion I was handed a strange egg and was told to deliver it immediately to Prof. Elm. And Oak decided that I was reliable enough to accept a Pokedex so I could help his research. After thanking them both, I walked back out into the field where I received a phone call from distraught Elm who couldn't quite get out a coherent sentence except for me to hurry back. Thrown off by his usually calm attitude, I hurried back as soon as I could, but as I passed through Cherrygrove, who else but the scary red-head came running full tilt towards me. He seemed not to be paying any attention because he crashed right into me, scaring me half to death. He righted himself quickly, cursing and told me he'd teach me a lesson. I saw him reach for a Pokeball at his waist, so I grabbed mine too. Totodile made quick work of the wimpy Chikorita that faced me, clearly showing that it wasn't trained well if at all.

I could practically see the fumes coming from his head, he angrily recalled his fainted Pokemon and fled the scene, but not before I found his I.D. lying on the ground with his name on it. Richard, huh? At least the name fits. However, my urgency returned and I was finally back at the lab. Hair disheveled, lab coat wrinkled, Elm looked like a complete mess. I tried to calm him down, and explain to the present police officer the strange Richard boy that I met along the way back, because now that I think about it, he had a Pokemon that Elm had.

After he calmed down, he let me leave to start off on a hard journey where I would gather all the gym badges to become the strongest trainer in the region. I left New Bark Town for the last time in a while and headed out into the wilderness. At this time, I knew that I wanted to train my favorite Pokemon, Teddiursa, and have him as my sole partner for the journey. So, I set off to find one, and eventually, one was mine. A cute little bugger, I nicknamed him Ralph and boxed Totodile.

We traversed to Violet City, where I scaled Sprout Tower in order to become more acquainted with my little bear. We reached the top just in time to see Richard complaining about the old sage and making a quick getaway with an escape rope. The old man sighed in exasperation, but was soon forgetting the crabby boy when he saw he had another challenger. After a fierce battle, Ralph and I came out on top, and received the TM Flash. After healing up at the local Pokemon Center, I headed to the gym in order to take on Falkner. After leveling Ralph up to 15, he swept the gym with ease. Soon, I was the proud owner of my first badge.

After exiting the gym, Elm called me and asked if I would be able to take care of the egg for a while. I happily complied, so I went to the Pokemart in order to retrieve it from Elm’s assistant. I then left Violet City, heading South so I’d be able to reach Azalea Town. Once I reached Azalea, I saw a suspicious sight, Team Rocket members strewn about the town as if they belonged. As I entered the town, I saw a dispute occur between an old man and a Rocket member. And upon speaking to the man, he rushed off to Slowpoke Well to put a stop to their evil antics. I entered the well to a horrific sight, Slowpoke’s missing their tails wandering throughout the well not knowing what they should do, and Rocket’s kicking them aside as if they were dirt. Kurt, as the old man claimed his name was, was lying on his back, hurt from the tumble he took entering the well, so I pressed on ahead, alone. I eventually came across the leader of the Rocket Squad, Proton, and beat him to a pulp with Ralph, scattering the criminals. After helping Kurt to his help, and learning that he makes Pokeballs for a living, I left to challenge the town’s gym. I eventually reached Bugsy, the leader of the (you called it) bug types. It took me a few tries to beat him, but after I taught Ralph Rock Tomb, taking them out was a piece of cake.


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