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Originally Posted by hansiec View Post

actually the basic system (creating/destroying blocks) was somone named Laurens not me I added onto this ALOT which makes mine better than 90% of those you see with game maker.

1. Ok (as soon as I get the player's graphics setup)
2. I was intending this (but the underground ones is unike to me)
3. Alright if I get ideas for these then I shall do this.

Oh yes the original engine is here:
Wow, you have done a considerable amount of changes. Just by looking at the screenshots is enough to see that you have changed a lot of it.

I thought this project interesting, as I use GameMaker. Back when Mark Overmars was the owner of this program, it was the only program I would ever use. I still use it today, but as technology evolved, so did game making utilities. Then, I started using RPG Maker, the Quake engine, and a few others I can't remember at the moment.

Nice progress from the base engine you started out with!
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