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Jimmy Vincent

Jimmy was sitting on the soft ground peacefully while watching as Rosalyn started a battle with that Horsea, probably so as to catch it. Kaida was watching the battle as well, looking amused and excited.

The rebellious-looking boy when saw how much power Belle had gained after evolving. The Togekiss seemed to have gained a lot of power and learned very strong moves, which got him to think. Smokey had evolved, and could learn new moves. And if his other Pokémon evolved, they could get stronger...and then maybe he could be able to meet a legendary...

An evil smile formed in his face as he continued to watch Rosalyn's battle. But after a few seconds, his face became serious again. Not because something had happened, but because he didn't want to tell Rosalyn about his, um, plan.

Name: Creamer
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