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Originally Posted by FL . View Post
Originally Posted by p.claydon View Post
ok ive tried adding one by one but game crashes when i try adding victini (have not tried the others but even tried using an existing pokemon entry and renaming it and that dont work)

ok fixed didnt realise you had to delete the save game when adding new species (im sure you never used to) any thank you for the pack and im now currently working on making the sprites to match the black and white style (full backs)
This must be something that Maruno change in newer versions.
The game shouldn't immediately crash when adding new species, but there will be form-recording problems later on. That's the only thing I've changed in that regard.

It just makes sense to start a new game when you've made such a big change as adding a new species, though. "Start a new game" should be step 1 when it comes to troubleshooting any problem.
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