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From a forest near Birch Enclave to the enclave

*Twitch twitch*

Cherry's ear feathers went up and down twice -- they picked up something loud that came from the Birch enclave. She was in a forest that was nearby, looking for berries to eat as well as ones that could help with her stepfather's cold. He has been spending sleepless nights for the past few days, since he said something bad was going to happen someday; he wasn't a psychic or anything, but his senses seemed to be a bit more heightened than the rest of their specie... or maybe it was just because of how experienced he is. Either way, he didn't have to do what he did, as there were some other Pokemon that kept an eye over the enclaves. Sure, he may be a creature of the night, but lack of sleep is another thing, and... Cherry sighed. She has been in the forest for countless hours now, almost lost in the world of worry as she tried to figure out which berry would cure her stepfather, who was too stubborn to accept any aid from their medics. Maybe she should have taken a lesson or two from one of their nurses, but then, she was an Infiltrator, not a medic student... Yeah, I'm not a Pokemon that took the course of medicine... Rather, my real father made me train non-stop for stealth and everything else related to being a spy... And... wait.

If it weren't for the announcement, she would have probably spent all day and night there.

Cherry looked up. "Ah, shoot! The announcement... what was it about again?" she closed her eyes and tried to recall it; since she was preoccupied when she heard it, only a few words managed to stay in her mind: "Go to the convention center." The female Weavile's organs for seeing opened after the recollection. She then placed the berries she had into the bushes and made a mental reminder to come back for them later. Whoever called for the Forces sounded pretty bothered, and the only reason that Cherry could think of was that something bad did happen -- she just doesn't know what. First my stepfather and now, possibly the rest of the Mechanists, she thought, feeling quite disheartened, as she placed her hand-claws in front of her and focused some energy into them; soon, a light blue orb was formed and was quickly followed by a same-shaded beam that began to create a frozen path. She had to be careful not to let her Ice Beam touch any of the plants, but thanks to the spaciousness of the forest, she didn't have to worry so much about freezing anything. When she started to walk on it and move forward, the ice-made path from behind her immediately disappeared.

Thanks to that sort of transportation, Cherry arrived at the Birch enclave faster than she would have if she went there on foot. She managed to catch a glimpse of a Pokemon who just went inside. So I'm not the only one who was late. Then again, the other Pokemon came several seconds earlier, and that makes a difference. Breathing out, the Weavile with cherry-red eyes stopped using her Ice Beam then jumped onto the ground, and when she landed, the frozen path completely vanished. Better late than never, her mind uttered, but she was still rather afraid to go in: a part of her didn't want to hear the bad news, while the other half urged her to brace herself for the worse and get ready. Unsure of which among those two she should follow, Cherry chose to just lean on the wall beside the glass door and listen to what they would talk about. The playful side of her managed to kick in, though, and gave her the idea of making a dramatic entrance if ever they say something that would elicit such action. No, now's not the time to fool around. She semi-gently hit her head in disbelief, yet she honestly found the little scheme to be amusing. Knowing she'd probably end up doing it if she doesn't go inside, Cherry decided to enter the convention center.

"Forgive me for my lateness, um, Sirs and Madams." She always seems to speak rather formally when in the presence of the other Mechanists that she aren't close to, especially to those of the higher positions.
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