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The gentle wind blew through the leaves of the trees, an eerie yet common feeling this forest beared. Its rustling sound, carried away throughout the forest, brought no fear upon the outsiders who were incapable of fully understanding it...

... On this land, I face a great dilemma...

A shadow ripped through the air, jumping from one tree branch to the other with incredible speed, always blending with the darkness.

... To punish those who killed my family...

The wind carried a message across the forest; two outsiders invaded the dark, unknown woods - unwarned.

... Or those responsible for their destruction?

The figure raced along the wind, until it settled down on a branch - the two Kecleon brothers carrying heavy backpacks were walking beneath, following the sand path. Their stalker from above, a well-armed Zangoose named Skidred remained silent, motionless the moment he let the wind surpass him; he had now perked up his ears, staring down at the outsiders from his throne as they continued their pace.

"Are you ready?"

"Of course I'm ready! This is gonna be the biggest operation of our careeers!"

".. Come to think of it though, I didn't think stealing from the refugees would be so easy. There's gotta be a catch!"

A slight noise was heard from above as the Zangoose jumped onto another branch with ease; the conversation between the brothers had caught his attention. The Kecleons, timid by nature, looked upwards into the darkness. The dense leaves of the trees were preventing most of the sunlight to pass through, resulting in the forest being a very cold and unwelcoming place, even during the day.

"Did I just hear something?"

".. Let's just continue!"

Skidred dropped from the branch, landing in front of them with a soft sound. He swung his hatchet right on his hand, producing a menacing sound as the blade cut through the air. The Kecleons stared at him with more curiosity than fear.

"You don't belong here, thieves."

He was pointing at them with his left paw, extending one claw. One of the Kecleons begun laughing at him, his laugh echoing in the whole forest. Skidred maintained his stone expression.

".. That's rich, random tree person! We go wherever we want!"

Both Kecleons bursted into laughter, lowering their guard - Skidred had already charged at them with his hatchet risen in the air. He was very fast and the Kecleons were caught off guard; however, they managed to back off just in time to avoid his swing. They drew their own knives, threw their backpacks on the ground and stared at the Zangoose who had now stopped in place.

"Big mistake"

They both charged at Skidred who was more than ready. During the first blows, he concentrated on his defense, setting his muscles into the rhythm of their swings, avoiding them fluently. Swift attacks wouldn't work on Skidred who had been trained years with the wild Linoones of the forest.
After some time, the attacks got slower but more intense. When one of the Kecleons tried to stab him on his left rib, the Zangoose grabbed his entire arm and threw him on the ground spectacularly; he pounced on his opponent, sticking his claws on his neck with a nasty sound, the other Kecleon screaming in anger as saw his brother choking in his own blood.

Skidred got up with his left paw covered in blood, still wielding his axe with his right arm. He stared at his opponent who was eyeballing him now. The tension in the air bursted into another clash of one sided strikes; the Kecleon went on a rampage Skidred made sure to avoid.
The thief's dagger slipped past the Zangoose's defenses, slashing towards his neck. Skidred avoided it, the thief tried stabbing him on his side, he tumbled to the left and let the Kecleon charge at him. But Skidred suddenly charged at him with incredible speed; it was something his opponent did not expect. Skidred stuck his light axe on the Kecleon's ribs

The green Pokemon flinched, turning red in the face of his own blood. Now weakened, he tried hitting the Zangoose with his dagger one final time; Skidred slashed his arm, making him flinch and back off, then landed his hatchet onto chest, throwing him on the ground.
The feline speedster stared at his dying opponent on the ground quietly. He slid his hatchet in the special slot on his belt.

"I'm not a man of last words."

Skidred said in a plain tone while walking past the Kecleon towards the backpacks that were thrown in the ground. The gentle wind blew again, waving the Zangoose's cape, carrying fallen leaves around.

... Part of me wants the Mechanists to pay for bringing technology and eventually destruction upon the camp...

With the same serious expression all along, the Zangoose ripped the backpacks open with his claws, various gadgets and mechanisms spilling out; batteries, gears, wires. All useless to Skidred who walked away - he looked upwards, sticking his claws on a tree, starting to climb swiftly, blending with the darkness once again.

... Part of me wants to see every one of the Knights laying dead on the ground.
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