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Thanks for the support guys, Homeward Bound is still in progress, just very slow as I am on my own, and I'm going through graphics myself which takes longer with my lack of skills in that region... The game is still coming along however, and errors with scripts I had before have been ironed out, There is not enough time in the day and by the time I've evented and such, the day is gone and I cannot produce new screenshots... As it stands at the moment, I've almost completed it and will move on to something after the Pokémon League for you guys, I'm currently working on a new system that will hopefully be a nice new addition and you guys won't hate me for it, and when I've worked on it alot more and got it 100% working, I will show you guys, until then, bare with me.

I've changed so much since my last update which is bad on my part as you're not getting the updates you deserve and need, I'm strangely adding fakemons in to the game, but they won't have that much a big part as you'd think, just a few cameos and such.

Events are almost perfect, a few grammer issues, but I'm slowly sorting through those.

I have over 800 trainers for you guys to challenge, get challenged by, re-battle, and test your knowledge with and about Pokémon... Believe me, if you try and go for a team of Charizard, Gyarados, Dragonite, Snorlax, an Eeveelution and Slowbro... and think you will win the Pokémon League! Think again! Trainers and are all somewhat different as you may see within your games or someone else's game... Your Pokémon can become super strong as a Weedle or a Voltorb, you no longer have to evolve your favourite Pokémon for them to be strong (it helps, but not by much.), so beating the Pokémon League with a Sandshrew is possible, all through training.

No more do you have to grind your way to the top, train with your friends, train with your Pokémon and meet new friends who can give your Pokémon new attributes to go through the Pokémon world... Wild Pokémon battles are not all that relevant but to gain levels and nice little stat boosts to help in your journey.

Wild Pokémon can now flee from battle, each Pokémon has a different flee rate and can flee at any time, more on this will come when I've perfected this, it works, but some problems, nothing that can't be adjusted or removed until further notice anyway.

Gym Leaders are tough, they know what they are doing, go in unprepared and you will lose, apart from the first couple of gyms, which have tutorial purposes, the other gyms have a minor twist for your enjoyment.

Despite Maruno's new update with slot machines, I will not have a game corner in my game... This is a nice little twist in the game too, you should enjoy this, I hope haha.

I've recently come across new information to do with Evolutions and now most, if not all, evolve somewhat defferently... Aren't I nice giving you something new to do haha.

Each main character you come across or rival or whomever you meet has a different style of battle, this can be fun or frustrating, depending on how you have trained.

Losing a battle also doesn't mean anything in this game, it's just another battle and possibly more experience, don't fret if you lose, --->it doesn't matter<---... See how nice I am to you guys.

Do you like when you see a Pokémon that randomly makes an appearence, does it make you smile, does it make you want to capture it, does it make you angry that you can't do anything about it, well guess what, this game will make you be all the above, Pokémon make appearences in strange and mysterious ways... After all, some Pokémon have clearly migrated from KANTO to JOHTO, right?!

Keeping your cool is what will make you be Pokémon League champion, don't rush, don't jump into things without proper preperation, a nice hint for you here is, don't just have a moveset of:
TACKLE, LEER, TAKEDOWN, AGILITY... Status moves help you win battles too.

HM's are gone, why have an HM slave?! FLY and SURF and what not, are moves, but you will probably never use them... The HM itself is in-game, but you cannot junction them to any Pokémon.

Lance makes an appearence as does Lorelei, Koga and Bruno... There are also some other characters you may of liked... AJ makes an appearence too.

Team Rocket are in-game, but they have less of a story line than original ideas, after all, Jessie and James are after Pikachu, not you, Giovanni has other plans too, his motive for being back in KANTO is of a new plan.

Your mother can now hold money for you, withdraw and deposit as you wish... Short jobs will get you the money you need to buy Potion and PokéBalls.

Capturing Pokémon, even useless ones, help for another purpose as opposed to just filling the PokéDex... Filling the PokéDex earns new unlockables too, capture, capture, capture.

The HYPE mode that is added! Gives you a slight boost in stats and in some cases can make you win battles you should never win... A fine example would be the Pikachu, Onix match in the Animé.

I'm sorry there is so much I've done, but listing them will take hours... So hopefully this will keep you interested for the time being...

Gyms:[||||||||||||||] 100.0%: Easy/Done: Low
Story:[||||||||||||||] 100.0%: Easy/Done: Low
Region:[||||||||||||||] 99.9%: Easy/A couple maps need finishing touches: Low
Events:[||||||||||||||]: 80.0%: Easy/A few more events and done: High
Battles:[||||||||||||||] 80.0%: Easy/Just a few more battles and done: High
Encounters:[||||||||||||||] 50.0%: Easy/It's long winded: Low
Graphics:[||||||||||||||] 50.0%: Hard/Need so many: High
Grammer:[||||||||||||||] 50.0%: Medium/Just need to go through events: Medium
PokémonLeague:[||||||||||||||] 15.0%: Medium/Events need doing: Medium

Please keep the comments coming, it helps me.