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Originally Posted by Strikes View Post
Aw dude lol. Been to long. Just check around in each city in Johto and read ever sign that is near a building. You will find it.
Goldenrod City. Turn right at the train tracks, then go down until you can't go any further. The house with the bike should be right there. It's basically right beside the Department Store.

Originally Posted by Karmarsi View Post
forgive me for probably asking another silly question, but when you check the Pokedex and a pokemon, there's an option to see what area it is in. Now I'm early on, only in Goldenrod, which means I'm in Johto. But when I check the are for a Pokemon instead of showing a Johto map with the Pokemon's location it shows the Kanto map. It does this with every Pokemon I check and it confuses me. Is this intentional, a glitch, or is there something I need to do? Thank you in advance!
We just haven't changed the way it works yet. This is how it works in vanilla Fire Red. We're working on this just now though.
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