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Quote originally posted by ShinyDiamond:
Um, what? That's a little hard to understand. Every prince/princess gets to have a link with one of the beasts/birds? & every human can have a link with a non-legendary Pokemon that's not just from Johto?
The princes and princesses control the legendary trios that associate with their leader's link. Lugia's side is the birds, Ho-oh's side is the beasts. Otherwise, any Pokemon from any Generation.

Quote originally posted by PinkSapphire:
Akio-kun- if it's possible then please reserve a spot for Lugia family, when the RP is accepted :) i'm very intressed in this RP ^^
As I said before, you can't reserve spots until it's actually posted and accepted.

Quote originally posted by ShinyDiamond:
xD Sweet! We're gonna be in the same family!
Um... She picked Lugia, not Ho-oh.