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so much spam.....

Originally Posted by WestsideConnection View Post
Umm.. not to be rude, but I think you could be having most of this conversation in VM's/PM's. The whole thread doesn't particularly need to see a post about you two being in the same family for a RP. I know that the discussing about the RP plot stuff is on topic, but you guys are getting off-topic.


Is anyone interested in a Journey RP in a custom region? Just inquiring, the theme would be more traditional journey, yet still hold uniquities. (is that even a word, if not I made it up)

The idea of a custom region is an interesting one, I'm sure you could easily come up with a map of a region to base the RP in, the only problem would like in whether you would be using the original Pokemon, or Fakemon. My advice would be to use Pokemon, since most people know and feel comfortable with them, Fakemon can be quite difficult.