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Kilik Chambers - Outside Pokemon Center

"I got no problem with a double battle" Double battle it is then. Jack stepped away from Kilik to make distance for the battle. He sent out a Pinsir & Pansage for the battle. Interesting Pokemon. "Ok Kilik your turn, who you sending out?" Tentou was still out. Kilik took the time to take out Yaiba, Mistress & Pierce. Mistress was still asleep, & Pierce battled a lot.

"I think I'll choose Yaiba & Tentou. Mistress is still asleep." Kilik returned the Zoroark back to her Pokeball & looked at Pierce next. "You've earn your break, right?" Pierce brougght up a claw in agreement. He returned him as well. He turned to Jack as Yaiba & Tentou entered the battlefield. A Dewott would be weak against a Pansage, but he has a plan for that. Tentou will need the help also.

"I've chosen Yaiba & Tentou for this battle! You get the first move." Kilik declared. Yaiba got ready with his shells & Tentou hopped crazy. That hyperness better win this battle.

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