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Jack Jacobs
Outside Pokemon Center
vs Kilik

A double battle was unfamiliar territory for Jack but he had some plans and tricks up his sleeve, it was just for his pokemon to follow orders and perform. Jack looked at his opposition a shinx and a dewott then looked at his own pokemon, he knew what to expect from Herb but Grip was a loose cannon and maybe the wrong choice but there was no going back and his brute strength may be an advantage. Jack took a long breath before making any command.

"Herb use Bullet Seed, Grip Follow up with Brick Break on the shinx" Jack shouted without hesitation and full of confidence, both pokemon nodded as he gave the order even Grip surprisingly. Herb leapt into the air and began firing multiple gold seeds surrounded in a light green aura from its mouth at the shinx following that was Grip's glowing white arm ready to crush down the electric type.

Jack knew that this was unorthodox but it was something he was trying probably something unpredictable and something even Kilik never seen before. Jack thought back to the double battles he has watched over the years usually each pokemon would attack just one making it similar to a regular fight with four pokemon on the field.

But he hoped that even if Bullet Seed missed Grip might still get a hit with Brick Break and if he was lucky both would connect.

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