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You should definitely change vaporeon's item to lefties, you have protect, and you get extra healing when you use that. Rocky Helmet is of no use on the turns in which you use Protect.

As you're not gonna use Outrage on Haxorus you should definitely consider using Brick Break over Shadow Claw. It hits Ferrothorn harder and also helps against Tyranitar. Dual Chop is also an option to break through Substitue and Focus Sash, but other than that it is pretty redundant with Dragon Claw. Brick Break seems to be the most useful.

Mew's EVs are very random. You should never invest that much in Defense and Special Defense without maximizing HP, as HP increases your ability to take hits from both sides of the spectrum (an exception is when something has very high base HP and very low defenses, like Wailord and Wobbuffet). If you must give it 100 SpA and 108 Speed, the remaining EVs should be 252HP/148DEF. But I'd say the best spread for defensive Mew would be 252HP/176def/48Sdef/32Speed.

Oh, and give Mew Leftovers, it'd be more useful than wise glasses with a defensive spread.

Mention which abilities you're using. I'd recommend Water Absorb on Vaporeon, if you aren't already using that (you probably are) and Download on Specs Pory. You're choiced so you'd be switching in and out. So you'd often get a special attack boost, which would power up all your attacks unlike Adaptability.

The Forry set is pretty odd, but keep it if you must. Bronzong is better suited to that set, but I guess it wouldn't be able to cover Mew's weaknesses. And definitely use a -speed nature with 0 speed IVs whenever you use Gyro Ball.
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