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Hello Everyone. This is my fan game that I started recently called Pokemon Melanite Version. So far I have put together a lot of different graphics and started making the game. Here is some info.

Long, long ago, when Arceas created the world around Mt. Coronet, and the Sinnoh region was formed, Palkia and DIalga ruled TIme and Space. They made sure that Time and Space didn't become corrupted. Over the years, more regions appeared, and Pokemon lived happily with humans across the world. Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, and Unova, set up leagues, where people and Pokemon fought together. Everything was good. But there was another region. When Sinnoh was created, a large land mass off the coast of what is now Canalave City appeared. This region was settled around the same time as Sinnoh, and was home to the power, that kept peace in the world. Palkia and Dialga, kept balance between time and space on Mt. Coronet, but that balance alone would not be enough to keep the world in order. There needed to be complete balance. This was kept by two opposite powers, who together, kept peace over the world. These two powers were Order and Chaos. They were controlled by two beings, Reshiram, who controlled Order, and Zekrom, who controlled Chaos. They kept each other in balance, and made Peace in the world, from the Zela Region. The ancient power of balance was locked away where no one would be able to disrupt it. And to keep it safe, Reshiram and Zekrom entrusted themselves to two trainers who proved their worth. These trainers were given immortality, and the responsibility to keep the world in balance. They were called Yin, and Yang. To make sure that these trainers could not become corrupted, and try to destroy balance in the world, another Pokemon, Lucario, controlled the aura of every living thing. Only beings with truly pure auras could access the power located in the Zela region. Lucario held the key to enter, and would only entrust himself to a trainer who was pure of heart, and only wanted to do good. Another Pokemon named Zoroark, was trusted as Lucario's guardian. Only it knew where Lucario was at every given time. Zoroark had the ability to look like anything, so it was nearly impossible to find. With the world's balance locked away deep, with no way to disturb it, the universe lived on happily.

But of course, there were those who didn't want peace in the world. One Pokemon, Darkrai was angry. He was created as the Pokemon of nightmares and evil. There was no place for him in the world, and he was banished to an island in Sinnoh called Newmoon Island. From there, he could do nothing but wait, for a trainer to give him a chance to escape. Darkrai waited for hundreds of years. Using his power to give humans nightmares. Until one day, he sensed a strong presence in Canalave City, where his powers could reach. Normally, he attacked the weak, but Darkrai felt an urge to cause this trainer chaos. He conjured an illusion, who led the trainer into an abandoned house. There, the trainer slept, and dreamt. The trainer dreamt they were traveling to Newmoon Island, where they battled Darkrai. Darkrai let himself be captured, and the trainer awoke with Darkrai in their possession. Then, Darkrai fled, and planned his attack on the world. He decided the only way for him to fit in, was for the world to be filled with chaos and darkness. He traveled to the Zela Region, where balance was held, and started his plan. Darkrai found an innocent young girl. He corrupted and possessed her, and set out to find Zoroark. After traveling the entire region, he discovered the secret, of the Region. He found Zoroark, and forced it to tell him the location of Lucario. After defeating Lucario, he forced his way to the source of power in Zela. He was so close to wreaking havoc in the world. But he was stopped. Reshiram and Zekrom had sensed something was wrong, and found out what was happening almost too late. They found a young trainer and her mentor, and traveled to the source of power. The combined force of the trainer, her mentor, Yin, and Yang were able to stop Darkrai just in time. They called upon Celebi to help them lock Darkrai away forever. They trapped him deep in a tower, and Celebi froze him in time. There Darkrai sits until this day. That was about 30 years ago. Over time, the tower has been used as a place to lay dying Pokemon to rest. The only people that know of the world's almost destruction are Yin, Yang, the young trainer, and her mentor. That trainer grew up to become a Pokemon Champion, and still ruled the Zela Pokemon League. Her name is Alice. Her mentor left, and traveled the world researching Pokemon. His name was Oak.

The Beginning
You are a young person who grew up in a small town called Lily Town. You are twelve years old, and have never seen anything but your home town. You can't help but be curious when an old man travels to your hometown, and heads straight into Dusk Forest. You have been forbidden from entering the forest because of the dangerous wild Pokemon inside. You have never been farther than the entrance, but can't help but follow the old man inside. You follow him up to an old building, and he stops suddenly. "I know you have been following me." You are terrified and frozen in place by nerves. "Don't be afraid. I am not going to harm you. The Spinerak and Ariados who followed you may though." You jump and turn around to see tons of giant bug Pokemon right behind you. "Quick, hurry me inside." You have no choice but to follow and head inside the old building.

The old man turns to you and asks if you are okay. "Those are some pretty nasty bug Pokemon out there. You should not have followed me. It is dangerous without a Pokemon to defend you. Come here, I will explain everything, but first, it is late, you should rest.

When you wake up, the old man gets up from a chair. "Oh good, you're awake. My name is Oak. People call me the Pokemon Professor. What was you're name? You tell the professor your name and he jumps. You ask what's wrong but he says it is nothing. "Anyway, it is dangerous in the forest. There are some tough Pokemon out there. It won't be safe for you to leave alone, and I have a lot to do, in little time. You are lucky, I met up with some old friends before coming here, and they gave me some Pokemon. You may have one of them. Now, which one do you want?" He gives you the choice of three different Pokemon, Sneasel, Croagunk, and Natu. You pick one and the Professor says you should leave now. You make your way out of the forest with your brand new Pokemon, and found that your mom has been looking everywhere for you. She is grateful that you are okay, and you explain what happened. She says you should rest, and when you wake up she tells you that you should go back and thank the professor for saving you and for the gift of a Pokemon. You head back to find the forest strangely still. You enter the building and find it abandoned. You look around and find no trace of where the Professor went. The only other path in the forest is blocked by large trees. As you turn to leave, you notice a box you didn't see before. On the box is a note. It reads


I am assuming you are reading this. When I met you I knew you would be one who would come back. I am sorry I didn't have time to explain much to you. They are coming for me. The Pokemon of the forest won't hold them off for long. Take the items in the box. They will help you out in the journey that now cannot be stopped. I can't be sure if you are truly the one, but when I heard your name, well, I don't have time to explain in this letter. Just take the contents of this box. Inside is a red computer device. That is called a PokeDex. It will record data on Pokemon you encounter. There is also a PokeGear you can use to check a map, and call trainers. There are also some Pokeballs you can use to catch wild Pokemon to help you on your journey. You probably have no idea what any of this is about, but if I am correct, you may be the only one who can fix this. Just head on to Newera Town, and find a lady named Alice. She should still be there. Find Alice, and tell her that Peace has been broken once again. She will know what it means. Unfortunately, she will remember only very little of what to do. I came here on a strange hunch I got, and it is all coming back to me. You have to tell her that it is -

The note ends here, with scrapes on the paper, as if the Professor was dragged away while trying to write more. With nothing else to do, but do what Oak said, you head on to Newera Town to find whoever Alice is.


Ray: Male Protagonist
Sorry this ones a bit fuzzy. It will be fixed
Kelsey Female Protagonist

Professor Oak: The old professor is back!
Alice: The champion of Zela who helped save it 30 years ago
Yang: The guardian of order, who holds Reshiram
Yin: The guardian of chaos, who holds Zekrom


First off the starters
I am not going with the normal fire/water/grass types. Also I have made the starters all only two form Pokemon. Not two separate evolutions. Also, I have equalled up the stats of the starters and changed the methods of evolution. Here they are.

ice/dark type
evolves at level 25 into weavile

evolves at level 22 into toxicroak

evolves at level 20 into Xatu

Next off the legendaries. They all play roles in the main story.


Reshiram and Zekrom are the keepers of balance and peace. Darkrai wishes to destroy the world etc. You can read about it in the story section. The only new one here is mew. Mew will be a roaming legendary after the main story. I won't give away why.


Here are the gyms in order. At the bottom is a strip of the region's badges.

Normal Type Gym
Leader: Joey
Badge: Plain Badge

Rock Type Gym
Leader: Dug
Badge: Fossil Badge

Water Type Gym
Leader: Bethany
Badge: Wave Badge

Ground Type Gym
Leader: Scalla
Badge: Fissure Badge

Electric Type Gym
Leader: Lectro
Badge: Bolt Badge

Grass Type Gym
Leader: Melany
Badge: Leaf Badge

Poison Type Gym
Leader: Nino
Badge: Toxin Badge

Dragon Type Gym
Leader: Luke
Badge: Scale Badge


Pokemon Melanite Version is in a whole new region:Zela

Pokemon Melanite takes place in a region known as Zela. It has been around for as long as anyone can remember, far before Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, or Unova. Only Sinnoh is sure to have come before it. Zela is located just off the coast of Sinnoh, and was created about the same time. It is said that Zela controls Peace throughout the universe, and that once, many years ago, that peace was broken. Three brave trainers, with the help of their mentor, were able to regain the peace, b solving an ancient mystery, but now, things are not right around the world. Pokemon are running havoc, time is disturbed, and it is up to you, to fix it.



Just an example of the battle screen graphics

Your mother, warning you to stay away from the forest. How tempted are you now?

The next few are the beginning of the story.

The last pictures are full maps

Lily Town.***Updated***

Route 1

Novum Town


Game Logos:

Main Logo - Ęla4NII



Kyle - Dove





Pokemon Starter Kit:





Following Pokemon Script - Help 14

Mystery Gift Script - Ho-Oh 112


Pokemon BW style battler sprites and entire Ultimate BW pack - P-Sign

Pokemon Over world Sprites - Help-14, Kid1513, Kymotonian, ChocoSrawloid, Milomilotic11, Pokegirlforever, cSc-A7X

Badges - NorthernLights from serebii

Region Map Redone - NikNaks

Support Tags Coming Soon!

Please let me know what you think and visit the site in my signature