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Quote originally posted by Patchisou Yutohru:
I think all clubs should forego sign up forms. I hate it when clubs have sign up forms. And even more-so when clubs have sign up forms that need the username. lol you can't see what my username is from my post? If you want to join a club, you should just be able to post in there and say you want to join and then start contributing just like any other thread.
This! And a prime example of what should happen:
Quote originally posted by Rukario:
you all KNOW I have to join.. so add me too.
Yessss something like that. Haha I should shut up

But yeah whatever, the sign up forms are a great way to get introverted people (like me) practice our "enter conversation" skills, as it's basically telling us, "no matter how hard you failed, you still did it right because the form saved you. Try harder next time though!".

Quote originally posted by CarefulWetPaint:
I think someone who knows a lot more then I do about the culinary arts should make a food club! In it they could post recipes and share them with other members etc. Discuss the best way to cook things to be super duper yummy! Even video tutorials on how to cook certain meals. I'd certainly be down with a club like that, it'd be AWESOME!
Yesss it'd be awesome, but...Laura In the Kitchen and foodwishes exist, so it'd basically be a PC portal for their Youtube channel...

However that's boring so we'll also be able to share our own personal recipes, and try to share our thoughts and new recipe ideas!

...I WILL MAKE ONE RIGHT NOW. Besides, I have a Grovyle cake to bake (), and I would like some help!

...damn you css
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