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Haj-Julan, "Reptile-in-Shadows" - The West Weald, Near Skingrad

Reptile runs to the top of a hill, crouching low on top of a rock as he looks down at the ruins below him. An ancient Wayshrine, it was crumbling 200 years ago, and the Order of the Nine's attempts to restore it had done little but prevent any further degradation. Reptile holds his bow in his right hand, idly twirling an arrow around the claws of his left hand. He slowly approaches the old Wayshrine, his sharp eyes scanning for any sign of danger.

When no signs appear, he puts his bow and arrow away, searching the Wayshrine for any information. There are ancient carvings in the rock, nearly faded into total obscurity, but some are still legible. He pulls an empty notebook from his travel pack, copying the inscriptions as best he can. With any luck, these writings will hold a clue to the location of the Hourglass.

He stops writing when he hears a sound coming from the nearby bushes. He looks over at the area, but nothing moves. He puts away his ntebook, drawing his bow and nocking an arrow. He pulls the string tight, staring at the bushes. After a long minute of stillness, he fires the arrow, causing a cry of pain to emit from the bush.

A Dunmer bolts from the bush, running away from Reptile with an arrow protruding from his shoulder. Reptile takes aim, holding his breath as he sights along the arrow. Time slows, and his vision zooms in on his target. He lets the arrow fly, striking the dark elf in the back, causing him to fall to the ground. Reptile runs forward, standing over the dark elf as he kneels on the ground, holding his hands up in surrender.

"Have mercy, I beg of you!" Reptile pulls another arrow, aiming it at the Dunmer's face. The elf grabs Reptile's legs, pleading. "Wait, no! Let me explain!" Reptile releases the arrow, the tip embedding itself dead center between the elf's blood-red eyes. He lets out a strangled cry before collapsing, unmoving.

Reptile watches his corpse for a moment, making sure the elf is dead. He recovers one of his arrows, and takes a bag of Septims from the elf's pocket, as well as a small amethyst. He leaves the body, going back to the Wayshrine to continue writing down the inscriptions.
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