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Waaaa!! This is awesome! The sprites, the gameplay, the story!
I'm going to try the demo now, and try to give a comment or two.

I'd like to see this finished.
Good luck!

I played the demo, here are my thoughts:


- MEGA MAN's icon in-battle looks a bit weird. It continuously bounces up and down.

- MEGA MAN's moves seems to be lacking something.. (Though I can't really pinpoint exactly what.)
I mean, MEGA BUSTER(BULLET SEED) seems to be too weak to even lay a scratch on those nasty viruses currently.
Just improve the damage a bit and it'll be fine.. That, or add another attack like SLASH maybe, and rename it to something.


- I like this part of the game(*the beginning.). The OW sprites are well done.

- The ITEMS are well done as well.

That's all. I hope that I've helped in some way, and good luck with this!