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(OoC: Is it night or day? X3)

Kit was prepared to start off with a quick Bite, then a Shadowball, but she was interrupted from her thoughts by the girl from earlier. "Grr... What's with you?!" Kit muttered. She stopped immediately and clutched her side. "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow....." Kit glared at the girl. She has not noticed before now, but the girl looked kind of strange. "You really didn't have to intervene Missi. *Sigh* But I guess you felt the need to protect Lucy. I'm Kit by the way!" Kit stood up straight, still clutching her side. She suddenly became very cheery. Her fighting mood has left her. Candlelight normally supplies the fight in her. " In case you can't tell, I'm bonded with an Umbreon." Kit twitched her ears and tail. "Nice to meet 'cha!" Kit grinned, her sharp teeth glimmering in the light. Kit brushed off her jacket and looked around. "Were you guys heading anywhere? I would like some company."
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