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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
Other suggestion: Can a Debug option be added to change information on the player? I suppose that would just be the name and gender...
In lack of a save-file converter for the time being, I offered to re-make the save files of my players who have to start over due to save-type updates or other glitches, but I realized I can't practically do this without being able to change the Player info (running the original name command again for some reason deactivates any use of the pokedex, even if the variable is set to true again). It could also be useful for other testing purposes though.
The player's gender depends on their trainer type, so couldn't be changed separately. However, those debug options will probably get into Essentials at some point.

I did offer to advise on how you could create a save converter, if you remember. There's a way to do it automatically without having to recreate anything from scratch. PM me if you want help.
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