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Originally Posted by dyenguard View Post
Hello, I would like to apply as the fire gym leader.

Name: Dyenguard. Kyoya for FC registering

sprite: the one in my signature... Im not sure who that is.

Hours of availability: All weekdays after 5pm (Pacific time) to about 9pm. Weekends sometimes, usually sunday at random times.

Connection strength: Strong

FC is in my signature.

*EDIT* I would prefer flat battles for the time being, as a few pokes of mine are not quite lvl 100.

Pokemon: ninetales, Chandelure, Arcanine, blaziken(not if uber rules change), infernape, Charizard,
Thank you for signing up.

And, I'll let you train for about 2 weeks to level up your Pokemon cause so far, everyone who signed up as an challenger or leader has LV 100. lol. Hope you have fun here!
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