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My final team will be based off Alex's White team from mrnintendofanman's black and white walkthrough.

I woke up in my bedroom. I saw a blue and green, relatively small box on the table. As I finished waking up, Cheren came barreling in the bedroom. Cheren was very excited about something. I asked him what he was excited about, and he said, "We get our Pokemon today." Bianca stumbled up the stairs, exhausted.
Cheren was in an angry mood and yelled at her. I told Cheren to calm himself down, and so he did. I finally decided to open the box on the table. There were three Pokemon in the box, all in pokeballs. I chose Tepig, Bianca chose Snivy, and Cheren got Oshawott. I battled the very exhausted still Bianca because she wanted us all to battle. I beat her Snivy very quickly. Cheren healed us both up, and then he battled me now. I beat his Oshawott in a flash. They ran downstairs afterwards, to leave me to a disaster area in my bedroom, except for the Wii, left untouched by the battles. I went downstairs to find Bianca and Cheren still downstairs, talking to my mom. They apologized for the room and left, and then my mom gave me the XTransceiver to talk 2,3,or 4 way. I left and went to Bianca's house, only to find here and her dad in the middle of a heated arguement. They eventually settled it for now, and so I left. We went in the lab to talk to Professor Juniper, and we all got our Pokedexes. We then got Town Maps from my mom, and then we went towards Route 1. We met Prof. Juniper at the edge of the tall grass. She showed us how to catch a Pokemon, and then she went back to the lab. Bianca wanted to see who could catch the most Pokemon on Route 1. They left, and then I was on my way. I caught a Lvl. 4 Lillipup, would grinned at me after I caught it, because it thoroughly loved me. Tepig was envious of Lillipup. When we all got to the end of Route 1, we compared who had the most, and we all had two, so no winner. We went into Accumula Town, and then met Prof. Juniper in front of the Pokemon Center, and she showed us the basics. There was a commotion in the plaza, and so I want over to the plaza to see what was going on,and it turns out, it was about Pokemon liberation. The speaker's name was Ghetsis, and he was with Team Plasma, and he never fooled me, because I knew his evil schemes. A trainer then came up, named N, and battled me. I beat his pathetic Purrloin lightning speed. I then headed towards Route 2, my mom then called, hung up, caught up with me, gave me the running shoes, and then I was on my way on Route 2. I beat trainers everywhere and trained my two Pokemon. I battled Bianca in close proximity to Striaton City, and beat her. I got to Striaton City, went to the Trainer's School, beat Cheren, went to see one of the gym leaders, went to the Dreamyard, battled trainers, got a Pansage, went to the Pokemon Center, which is where I am now.

Current Team:
Tepig Lvl. 11
Lillipup Lvl. 11
Pansage Lvl. 10 (reserve/ cut slave/ help against Cress)