Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Cobalt [Indefinite Hiatus]
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Quote originally posted by Hacker Bisharp:
I really like the game and so far I have not found errors.
Here's my team, have just arrived at the first gym.

:D Sweet team yo.

Quote originally posted by Aurizen:
awesome!!! I cant wait how long before this is completed?
Absolutely no idea haha. Thanks though!

Quote originally posted by stynimtes:
hey! im gonna download this tomorrow. shame u had to restart. anyways, do u need anyone to make sprites for battles? if so just put ur ideas in a post and ill get started as soon as i see the post. also, can u edit the ow sprite for raikou it looks a bit small
Sprites aren't a major concern at the moment but if I do need help, I'll be sure to contact you. I agree, I'll change the Beasts' overworlds :D

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Glad to see this is back.
Like last time, I wish this the greatest of lucks and will play the next release of it, however long it may take.
Thanks dude!

Quote originally posted by stynimtes:
There is a glitch on Route 3 i used a repel and when i went in the tall grass a lvl 1 ?????????? appeared.
Hm, that's weird. Hopefully it wont happen in the rerelease of Beta 1.

Quote originally posted by Rim:
any information on when you will be releasing beta 2?
Well, right now I'm working on redoing Beta 1, with some added features, so Beta 2 is quite far off for now, sorry D: