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Quote originally posted by a2www:
@jumbo51 sir plz,,help mee,,i want the latest live beta but where is it,,plz link mee,,i want to play this awesome game!!

am noob,,in this forum,,don't knw how to quote,,
Nor spell my username right :/.

Quote originally posted by a2www:
i now knw how to patch ips to rom but my rom name is latest liquid crystal 3.1.gba
i've downloaded the ips patch which i got from the first page by clicking live beta download!!
Now what to do am confused,,a guidance will be better!! Any1??
Quote originally posted by godlesplay:
I think that yes, but you can give me correct link
Quote originally posted by sirlanceb:
Where can I update the ROM?
You did the right thing. The only link on the first post is the link to the Live Beta. It's possible the Live Beta ips isn't being updated correctly, though.

I'll see what I can dig up.

Quote originally posted by sirlanceb:
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