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Pokémon Manga/Comics Rules

Welcome to the section for Pokémon Manga! Ever had any interest in the oft-ignored underside of the Pokémon fandom? Read some Pokémon Special and want to explore your other options? Or just looking to find another good manga to read and wanted to combine two things you enjoy? Either way, the manga section is great for all this and more!

First thing to keep in mind is that all the rules for PokéCommunity in general apply here, except for a few which I will get to in a moment. Make sure you read all of those rules before posting! The rest of the rules here only apply to this section.

∬ The 30-Day Revival Rule is 90 Days

In this section, the threads move more slowly and often not many threads fall within the 30-day revival rule. To remedy that, the 30-day revival rule isn't in effect in this section! Instead, the rule is extended to 3 months. So feel free to post in an older thread and bump it up to the top for fresh discussion!

∬ Official Manga/Comics Only

Some people might get confused over the name of this section, and think that it's a place to post their own comics relating to (or based on) Pokémon. As this is not a section housed under Creative Discussions, that's not where this belongs! While PokéCommunity would love to see your art, that kind of work goes under the Art Gallery umbrella.

∬ Do Not Host Scans on PC

The scan policy has received a massive update. In the interest of encouraging as many people to read the manga as possible, the rules for scans have been lightened. Linking to them within the section is now allowed! However, do not directly host them here, by uploading them to this forum or by hotlinking many pages in a row. Hotlinking to a page here or there to make a point is within the rules, just not 3+ pages at once. Note that this rule is currently in a probation period with this section, and will be modified or taken away if it's abused.

∬ Pokémon Manga Only

This should go without saying but make sure that all other types of manga that don't have to do with Pokémon go in the Japanese Entertainment section.

∬ Questions/Credits

If you have any questions at all, contact the moderators of the section, Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers or Brendino.
These rules were written by Toujours and inspired by Miss Doronjo's rules!

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