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Apologies, I haven't updated in forever :(
Originally Posted by TheAC29 View Post
Username: ThAC29
Your partner Eevee: Jolteon (First person to have him :D)
Reason why you like Eevee: Because Eevee is so cute and adorable and I like every evolutions of Eevee :)
Welcome! That's an awesome avatar you have there btw ;] You always start with Eevee as a partner. You can evolve it later c:
Originally Posted by Mockingjay View Post
Speaking of that..Not sure if this topic was covered (too lazy to look through) but:

What if there were dual-typed Eeveelutions?!
That'd be interesting but.. idk. It'd kinda ruin tradition if you know what I mean, with there being an Eeveelution for most types and only those types.

Originally Posted by TheFallenUmbreon View Post
New Topic: If you could mix two Eeveelutions together, to make a two-type one, which two would it be? Example: Flareon + Vaporeon = Flareporeon xD (fire water)
I think Vaporeon + Leafeon. Vaporeon covers Leafeon's (arguably the weaker one) main weakness (the extremely common Fire-type), and they'd just look cool :P