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Maverick Renos
Location: Markus

Maverick was pacing in his room as he looked at the 'map' that they had taken from those evil beings and let out a cry and threw papers and other things that were on his desk aside. Matthew was gone... if he had been here he could have protected the Council... this was his fault. Maverick closed his eyes tight and forced himself to stand up and he walked out of his room and found a Knight. "You! Have you seen Caedmon?" The Servine shook his head, "No sir, I have not... although..." The Servine smirked, "I don't think I would be out if I was him, all of those rumors probably forced him into his house. Is it true that he wants to mate with one? I heard that that's his life goal!"

Maverick grunted and just walked past the now snickering Servine as he walked out of the Chambers and into the city streets. He passed by other Knights that bowed respectfully to him and as he neared Caedmon's house he could see some Knights standing outside sending in mocking calls. As soon as Maverick appeared the Knights scattered as the Grovyle walked up and knocked on Caedmon's door. "You better get to that cell within the hour or I will personally find another to take your place!" He shouted inside. "Get a move on Caedmon!" He turned and walked away, but stopped and pointed at one of the Knights still at the scene. "Find the rest of the Knight-Commanders as well as Ribibin and make sure they come back to the Chambers, more specifically on the first floor in the lobby. I need to discuss some things with them." The Ursaring nodded and ran off as Maverick walked down the street back toward the Chambers. Perhaps, it was just the right time to choose a new second hand man.


Damon Malruth
Location: Birch Enclave

Damon smiled as the Declarum Forces formed up once more. He spied a very anxious Crawdunt in the crowd and then a Leavanny came up to him, “Is this the meeting for the Declarum Forces? Sorry I am late.” Damon smiled weakly, "Nonsense. You're just in time. We are heading to the Kanto Enclave. Just follow the lead of everyone else." He said.

Another pokemon came up to him, this one a Weavile. "Forgive me for my lateness, um, Sirs and Madams." Damon just sighed at this point, "Alright, everyone get together. Let's go over the plain." The group fell silent as Damon stood up on his hind legs, "Right! We're going in there with only one mission, find survivors and get them out! Do not fight the Knights unless you must! They can easily kill us and while we are prepared and have a better fighting chance we still need to be cautious! We don't know how bad it looks in there, but we cannot afford to have anyone passing out due to gore. If you can't take the heat, leave! Other than that we will start heading out! Any objections?" He asked as he looked around.
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