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Originally Posted by denash1 View Post
Thank you for the link, i will change it some time in future.. and legendary.. i like the fact you can catch as many as you like, because most people dont do it/allow it... but i might change it, i am undecided at the moment

Edit: Just because i am curious i am asking....: Why do people hate it if the legendary pokemon can be caught in the grass?? instead of events??? Do u think it makes the game too easy? or is it that nintendo said there is only one of them, so nobody should try to put them in the wild, becuse otherwise they are not legendary anymore but normal pokemon??
It's not that it's too easy. idk how to explain it. But I've always found if legends are found pretty easily, the hack comes across as kinda, well noob-ish. \: I mean, for instance, you can still have the proper Pokemon that would be found in Fiery Path ala Fire types, Poison, some fighting. And then have a legendary appearance as like 1% But only have it as legends who aren't available in Emerald.
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