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Quote originally posted by dragonomega:

It's not that it's too easy. idk how to explain it. But I've always found if legends are found pretty easily, the hack comes across as kinda, well noob-ish. \: I mean, for instance, you can still have the proper Pokemon that would be found in Fiery Path ala Fire types, Poison, some fighting. And then have a legendary appearance as like 1% But only have it as legends who aren't available in Emerald.

Thats a fair enough, and the 1% for legendary pokemon i like that... i will change the places where pokemon appear and make sure legendary only have a 1% change of appearing..

There will be an update in near future.

Edit: Sorry for no news, but I am in and out of hospital at the moment.... Will continue on the heck dont worry!
Edit(2): I have completed the update of pokemon placement and they are placed a lot better now. I will also implement a trainer with my favourite pokemon to fight against, And then will release a new version.

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