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Hey guys I just made 2 fakemon in 2 days :\
Want some constructive feedback

I can't find anything about anti aliasing tutorial, so I did as much as I could
I made this all from pure scratch, first I drew the fakemon on paper/tablet then I tried to make the sprites

Here's the first one, also, is grey/brown colored better? (it's supposed to be grass/rock pokemon, rhino-moss idea)

Second one, this I made before the rhinomoss pokemon and I feel that this one lacks effort (is supposed to be a lion's cub... pinkish...)

And here's the actual sketch (the lion one turns ***)

I don't know if I can make my own thread, it's actually only 2 sprites total so I decided to post it here. Mind that these are my first sprites ever (beside experimenting in tutorial given in pokecommunity)