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Hey Zulosis I haven't been on the forums for a while Realising I missed trade opportunity with you in the past) since I had Uni and stuff but I'm on a break of 4 months now, I have hatched a good few pokes in both my HG and Black and I have leveled then to 100. I have Ev'd them and to calculate their Ivs I have been using the stat reducing berries and checking them on Serebii. I have to transfer the others I have in HG and also have to level up a whole other heap of Level 1s.

These are what I have gotten their stat info on: I can't really remember the exact Evs for any of them but for the sweepers they are generally straightforward. They are level 100. These are my personal pokes so I don't have copies but if you can clone and return the original that is good enough for me.

Infernape 31/31/30/1/27/31 Jolly

Current stats- 294/307/177/192/346

Close Combat/Sword Dance/Fire Punch/Mach Punch

Flygon- 28/31/24/27/18/31 Adamant

Current Stats-299/328/189/172/183/299

Earthquake/Crunch/U turn/ Thunderpunch

Garchomp - 11/31/30/31/28/31 Naive

Current stats- 337/359/225/196/182/333

Swords dance/ Stone Edge/ Dragon claw/ Earthquake

Hydreigon- 23/11/30/31/28/31 Timid

Stats- 317/203/215/349/213/324

Draco Meteor/ Earth Power/ Fire Blast/ Focus Blast

Conkeldurr- 22?/31/22/22/31/31 Adamant

Stats- 374/416/242/123/166/126

Drain Punch/ Bulk Up/ Stone Edge/ Mach Punch

Jellicent- 31/24/31/22/14/31 Bold

Stats- 402/134/248/197/245/156

Will O wisp/Scald/ Shadow Ball/ Recover

Excadrill - 30/31/12/30/18/31 Jolly

Stats- 360/369/137/121/153/302

Swords Dance/ X Scissor/ Earthquake/ Rock Slide

If you are interested in any let me know please and I have to check a few others in a bit( stat reducing berries currently in full production at DW).
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