Thread: Development: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
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Well guys I have made some progress on BSE!

It now compiles! I tested it a little while ago with this very simple script.

#org 0x800000
It's still very basic in nature though and not every command is implemented. It is still a step in helping everyone be able to create their own move effects. These are the commands I have implemented to far. They're kind of blah so please give me some feedback on their names.
(Credit to JPAN and Jambo51 for their research!)

"&H0" = "unknownCommand0x00NoArgs"
"&H1" = "SomeCompare"
"&H2" = "usedattackmsg"
"&H3" = "hitmisscalc"
"&H4" = "critcalc" 
"&H5" = "basedmgcalc"
"&H6" = "typedmgcalc"
"&H7" = "effectcheck1"
"&H8" = "effectcheck2"
"&H9" = "baexe"
"&HA" = "turncheck" 
"&HB" = "healthbardec"
"&HC" = "healthvaldec"
"&HD" = "critcheck"
"&HE" = "unkloopcheck"
"&H10" = "msgdisplay" 
"&H12" = "seffectmsgdisplay" 
"&H1A" = "faintdisplay" 
"&H23" = "battleendfunc" 
"&H24" = "ifwildend" 
"&H26" = "storebyteforjump"
"&H27" = "jumpifbyte"
"&H28" = "goto" 
"&H2E" = "storebyte" 
"&H2F" = "addbyte"
"&H30" = "subtractbyte"
"&H31" = "copyarray"
"&H32" = "addarray" 
"&H39" = "pause" 
"&H3A" = "wait" 
"&H3C" = "return1" 
"&H3D" = "return2" 
"H3F" = "end"
"&H41" = "call" 
"&H45" = "animationprint"
"&H4C" = "pokemondataswitch"
"&H4D" = "pokemonbattledataswitch"
"&H4E" = "pokemonandhealthbardisplay"
"&H53" = "trainerdisplay"
"&H55" = "lvlupsnd"
"&H56" = "pkmfntsnd"
"&H57" = "flee"
"&H5C" = "hitflash"
"&H61" = "pkmswianimation"
"&H91" = "givemoney"
"&HEF" = "capture"

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