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Peyton Mills - Birch Enclave

"Nonsense. You're just in time. We are heading to the Kanto Enclave. Just follow the lead of everyone else."  The Linoone, named Damon politely responded. There was a short sigh of relief for Peyton as she entered. It was a good sign, and a good first arrival for her. She hoped for whatever comes to her in her way. “Thank you, sir. I will mention that this is my first time arriving to one of your meetings, so forgive for spreading the noobness.”

As more Pokemon Declarum Forces arrived, including a female Weavile, also arrived. She was also on time, same as Peyton. Damon immediately started the meeting. "Alright, everyone get together. Let's go over the plain." As the group got together, including Peyton...curious to know what might happen next, the Linoone stood up. “Right! We're going in there with only one mission, find survivors and get them out! Do not fight the Knights unless you must!”

“Okay! Got it, sir!” Peyton said, max-prepared.

Damon finished: “They can easily kill us and while we are prepared and have a better fighting chance we still need to be cautious! We don't know how bad it looks in there, but we cannot afford to have anyone passing out due to gore. If you can't take the heat, leave! Other than that we will start heading out! Any objections?"

Peyton remained quiet throughout the speech, but she had to add another thing. “I'll be around if anyone needed to be healed. I am well equipped with material to create as many medicines as I can.” She felt a bit intimidated by the other forces in the group, then looked away. Peyton did not make any objections whatsoever. She was ready for anything. She held her shock gun inside her purse, with her claw touching the trigger. She was alert and ready to face the knights. Hoping to obtain the revenge long overdue....

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