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Quote originally posted by Karmarsi:
I'm afraid they haven't. forgive me if it causes a hassle for them, I was only wondering about it. <3
Could you list where and when the offending events happen? Or at least as many as you can recall? Neither myself nor LaZ can remember where they are, so you would be helping to get it fixed if you could list as many as possible.

Quote originally posted by a2www:
Leveling is so hard in the live beta.
Only getting 30-40 exp points all the time!!
Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Which poke or trainer are you fighting to train with?? I never encountered such problems....??
I second this question. It could simply be that you're trying to grind - which the new levelling system discourages by giving diminishing returns.

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
@Jambo51: Just a heads up I am really enjoying that new addition of mini game in cave of wisdom... I thank you that for but.............I was very surprised to find these bugs or what should I say glitches...???etc..

Currently I am having 25 poke battle down there and was very surprised to find these pokes...
1. Cranidos (The sprite of charmander appeared to fight with me with the name of it)
2. Rampardos (The sprite of Bulbasaur)
3. Bidoof (the sprite of ?? appeared)
4. Luxray ( the sprite ?? appeared)
5. Turtwig (Again with the sprite of BUlbasaur)

Wow what is that all...........????:D
A leftover from copying the decapped names over from the 649 Patch. The script is supposed to prevent you from battling these Pokémon, but apparently it's not working as intended.

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Also How many more levels are left between me and that Solar Rock??
You get the Solar Rock at Level 10, I believe. There is a bug however, where you get stuck permanently in the Cave of Wisdom if you save after starting. We're working on this bug at the moment.
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