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Thorsten the Powerful - Jerall View Inn, Bruma

Thorsten quietly sat at the bar, sipping slowly on his goblet of Colovian Brandy. Thorsten felt that he was being watched, but he could not confirm his feeling. Thorsten kept an eye on his three guards, Aringor, Esloth and Jarhon. Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around, Thorsten thought to himself. Thorsten was shocked to see nine Imperials standing inside the Inn. One of them was an Officer, actually, now that Thorsten thought about it, the Officer from the border, followed by eight soldiers.

" I, on the behalf of The Empire requests the presence of Thorsten the Powerful immediately. Any information on Thorsten's whereabouts will be paid by the Empire," the Officer barked.

Thorsten, not thinking logically, stood up and faced the Imperials. Drawing his sword, Thorsten sarcastically asked,

" I am Thorsten the Powerful, where's my gold?"

The Officer yelled at Thorsten, and rushed his eight guards to surround Thorsten. The Officer stepped inside the ring of soldiers and said,

" What would a Jarl be doing down in Cyrodiil," the Officer asked, speaking closely into Thorsten's ear.

" My reasons for being here are no business of a traitorous, backstabbing Imperial like yourself," Thorsten replied.

Before Thorsten could react, the Officer grabbed a Steel Dagger and plunged it into Thorsten's stomach. Leaving it in, the Officer slammed Thorsten's head into the bar counter. Thorsten slid to the floor, weakened and humiliated.

" Hmm, so much for Thorsten the Powerful," the Officer sneered.

Thorsten saw Aringor with his sword ready, and Thorsten winked at Aringor. Aringor charged at one of the soldiers, killing the soldier. Amongst the confusion, Esloth and Jarhon killed two more guards. The five remaining guards turned towards the three body guards, and they began battling. Thorsten felt helpless, as he was dragged off by the Officer out of the Inn. Thorsten was greeted by a Garrison of soldiers. Thorsten was shoved into the mob of soldiers and angry pro-Imperials, who began to beat Thorsten senselessly. Thorsten felt the pain of about one-hundred feet and fists being forced into Thorsten's body. Thorsten started fighting back, knocking off person after person. Thorsten managed to escape the beating, and returned inside the Inn with his guards, who handed him a sword. Thorsten nodded, and they charged the mob. The four of them swung time after time, killing of person after person. Thorsten and his crew managed either to kill or scare off every member of that mob, leaving the four of them against the Officer, who was watching the battle from horseback.

" Fear not, I will return for you four traitors," the Officer retorted, and began riding off.

Thorsten and his men found four horses, and took off towards the Officer. They rode, slowly gaining on the Officer. They knew he was heading towards the Imperial City, which would mean Thorsten would be screwed. So they followed the Officer, slowly gaining ground.

" Jarhon, try to catch the Officer, you're the fastest rider out of all of us," Thorsten ordered.

Jarhon nodded, and chased down the Officer. Once that order was given, Jarhon tracked down the Officer faster than the Officer could react. Thorsten watched as the two lined up, Jarhon trying to slow the Officer, giving time for the rest of the team to arrive. Thorsten and the rest caught up to Jarhon, riding close to the back of the Officer's horse. The Imperial City was well in sight now, and Thorsten rode up to the left side of Jarhon's horse. Thorsten jumped on the Officer's horse, landing behind the Officer. Thorsten put the Officer in a headlock, choking the Officer as they approached the bridge into the Imperial City. Thorsten steered the Officer's horse near a cliff, and pulled the Officer off with him. The two fell, Thorsten still having a tight grip on the Officer. Thorsten adjusted his grip so the Officer's back was against the water. The two plunged in, the Officer breaking the fall. The two swam towards the shore, keeping an eye on each other. The Officer reached the shore first, and pointed his sword at Thorsten.

" You are done for," the Officer, drenched in water, yelled.

Thorsten swam up to the shore, and got out of the water. Realizing he was unarmed, he stepped back from the Officer.

" You are cornered, no where to run and hide like you always do," the Officer barked.

Thorsten ran towards the Officer and elbow-smashed him in the face, taking both Thorsten and the Officer down. The Officer tried to swing at Thorsten, but the Officer missed, hitting sand. The Officer got up, and pointed his blade at Thorsten, while standing over Thorsten.

" Your time is up," the Officer exclaimed.

Just after he said that, an arrow struck the Officer's throat. The Officer flopped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Thorsten assessed the situation, and looked up.
Aringor stood on the bridge, with a bow in his hand. Relieved, Thorsten passed out, presumably to injuries.
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