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Quote originally posted by Rocket-Dock:
Here I have Holana Cove, the cova of my unnamed region (I need one)!

Quote originally posted by Rocket-Dock:
Its just only a prev of the whole map, and maps dont need to be filled with alot of details/stuff.
But thankyou
Quote originally posted by Riansky:
Simple and nice. I rather see full map before I suggest you anything. So I'll be waiting for full map. The tiles looks really amazing and pallets are really nice too. good job on that!
@Rocket-Dock: Well I must agree with Riansky, I'd prefer to see all the map to comment, however, the tiles really are great, a problem I see though, how is there shadow from a north POV, AND, a west POV, on the cliff tiles? I do say it's preferred we see the whole map, but it doesn't mean you have to do so, just be prepared for fewer people to comment about your maps if you do post a quarter or half or whatever...

Quote originally posted by salva123:
what do you think about the first town of my games?

and also can you tell me a program to take map screenshots? because map maker 1.1 is not working for me, it gives me this error:

Script 'Tile' line 33: TypeError occured.

nil can't be coerced into Fixnum

'Tile' line 33 in `+'
'Tile' line 33 in `initialize'
'Spriteset_Map' line 103 in `new'
'Spriteset_Map' line 103 in `init_tilemap'
'Spriteset_Map' line 98 in `each'
'Spriteset_Map' line 98 in `init_tilemap'
'Spriteset_Map' line 96 in `each'
'Spriteset_Map' line 96 in `init_tilemap'
'Spriteset_Map' line 92 in `each'
'Spriteset_Map' line 92 in `init_tilemap'
'Spriteset_Map' line 33 in `initialize'
'Scene_Main' line 210 in `new'
'Scene_Main' line 210 in `generate'
'Scene_Main' line 127 in `update_top'
'Scene_Main' line 95 in `update'
'SDK:cene_Base' line 104 in `main_loop'
'SDK:cene_Base' line 47 in `main'
'SDK:cene_Base' line 46 in `loop'
'SDK:cene_Base' line 49 in `main'
'Main' line 12
Quote originally posted by mineox100:

Looks pretty good. The houses seems a bit blurry, and I guess the cave only has one exit?
The error is not for here, especially as this error has nothing to do with Essentials... I agree with mineox, the buildings are blurry, hard on the eyes... I don't quite understand the "cave only has one exit" comment though!

Quote originally posted by mineox100:

EDIT: I posted this on DA, but no one commented, I guess I'll post it here:
I don't like all the little trees you have in the middle of the paths, I like trees as you can read from my previous posts... I'd remove them and make the path smaller or change them for bigger trees... Battling is almost uneccesary in this route too, you can almost skip every piece of grass... Apart from the mentioned, this is an alright map, I guess you have a new region in your game, will like to see more .

Quote originally posted by Obix:
Nickalooose: I like it except the group of boulders at the bottom seems like you could make it a bit more creative i guess but thats just me
I actually didn't notice those boulders haha, I think I will change that now you've pointed that out to me! Thanks! That's the original draft of that route before I updated it to how it looks now, I obviously didn't change that part.
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